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Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Introduction to Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster

2.  Oracle Solaris Cluster and RBAC

3.  Shutting Down and Booting a Cluster

4.  Data Replication Approaches

5.  Administering Global Devices, Disk-Path Monitoring, and Cluster File Systems

6.  Administering Quorum

7.  Administering Cluster Interconnects and Public Networks

Administering the Cluster Interconnects

Dynamic Reconfiguration With Cluster Interconnects

How to Check the Status of the Cluster Interconnect

How to Add Cluster Transport Cables, Transport Adapters, or Transport Switches

How to Remove Cluster Transport Cables, Transport Adapters, and Transport Switches

How to Enable a Cluster Transport Cable

How to Disable a Cluster Transport Cable

How to Determine a Transport Adapter's Instance Number

How to Change the Private Network Address or Address Range of an Existing Cluster

Administering the Public Network

How to Administer IP Network Multipathing Groups in a Cluster

Dynamic Reconfiguration With Public Network Interfaces

8.  Adding and Removing a Node

9.  Administering the Cluster

10.  Configuring Control of CPU Usage

11.  Updating Your Software

12.  Backing Up and Restoring a Cluster

A.  Example


Chapter 7

Administering Cluster Interconnects and Public Networks

This chapter provides the software procedures for administering the Oracle Solaris Cluster interconnects and public networks.

Administering the cluster interconnects and public networks consists of both hardware and software procedures. Typically, you configure the cluster interconnects and public networks, including Internet Protocol (IP) Network Multipathing groups, when you initially install and configure the cluster. Multipathing is installed automatically with the Oracle Solaris 11 OS, and you must enable it to use it. If you later need to alter a cluster interconnect network configuration, you can use the software procedures in this chapter. For information about configuring IP Network Multipathing groups in a cluster, see the section Administering the Public Network.

This chapter provides information and procedures for the following topics.

For a high-level description of the related procedures in this chapter, see Table 7-1 and Table 7-3.

Refer to the Oracle Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide for background and overview information about the cluster interconnects and public networks.