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Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Overview of Resource Management

2.  Developing a Data Service

3.  Resource Management API Reference

4.  Modifying a Resource Type

5.  Sample Data Service

6.  Data Service Development Library

7.  Designing Resource Types

8.  Sample DSDL Resource Type Implementation

9.  Oracle Solaris Cluster Agent Builder

10.  Generic Data Service

11.  DSDL API Functions

12.  Cluster Reconfiguration Notification Protocol

A.  Sample Data Service Code Listings

Resource Type Registration File Listing

Start Method Code Listing

Stop Method Code Listing

gettime Utility Code Listing

PROBE Program Code Listing

Monitor_start Method Code Listing

Monitor_stop Method Code Listing

Monitor_check Method Code Listing

Validate Method Code Listing

Update Method Code Listing

B.  DSDL Sample Resource Type Code Listings

C.  Requirements for Non-Cluster-Aware Applications

D.  Document Type Definitions for the CRNP

E. Application


gettime Utility Code Listing

The gettime utility is a C program that is used by the PROBE program to track the elapsed time between restarts of the probe. You must compile this program and place it in the same directory as the callback methods, that is, the directory pointed to by the RT_basedir property.

Example A-4 gettime.c Utility Program

# This utility program, used by the probe method of the data service, tracks
# the elapsed time in seconds from a known reference point (epoch point). It
# must be compiled and placed in the same directory as the data service callback
# methods (RT_basedir).

#pragma ident   “@(#)gettime.c   1.1   12/01/24”

#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <time.h>

    printf(“%d\n”, time(0));