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Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Oracle Solaris Security for Developers (Overview)

2.  Developing Privileged Applications

3.  Writing PAM Applications and Services

4.  Writing Applications That Use GSS-API

5.  GSS-API Client Example

6.  GSS-API Server Example

GSSAPI Server Example Overview

GSSAPI Server Example Structure

Running the GSSAPI Server Example

GSSAPI Server Example: main() Function

Acquiring Credentials

Checking for inetd

Receiving Data From a Client

Accepting a Context

Unwrapping the Message

Signing and Returning the Message

Using the test_import_export_context() Function

Cleanup in the GSSAPI Server Example

7.  Writing Applications That Use SASL

8.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Cryptographic Framework

9.  Writing User-Level Cryptographic Applications and Providers

10.  Using the Smart Card Framework

A.  Sample C-Based GSS-API Programs

B.  GSS-API Reference

C.  Specifying an OID

D.  Source Code for SASL Example

E.  SASL Reference Tables

F.  Packaging and Signing Cryptographic Providers



Cleanup in the GSSAPI Server Example

Back in the main() function, the application deletes the service credential with gss_release_cred(). If an OID for the mechanism has been specified, the program deletes the OID with gss_release_oid() and exits.

     (void) gss_release_cred(&min_stat, &server_creds);