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System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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Document Information

About This Book

1.  Managing Terminals and Modems (Overview)

2.  Setting Up Terminals and Modems (Tasks)

3.  Managing Serial Ports With the Service Access Facility (Tasks)

4.  Managing System Resources (Overview)

5.  Displaying and Changing System Information (Tasks)

6.  Managing Disk Use (Tasks)

7.  Managing UFS Quotas (Tasks)

8.  Scheduling System Tasks (Tasks)

9.  Managing System Accounting (Tasks)

10.  System Accounting (Reference)

11.  Managing System Performance (Overview)

12.  Managing System Processes (Tasks)

13.  Monitoring System Performance (Tasks)

14.  Troubleshooting Software Problems (Overview)

What's New in Troubleshooting?

Common Agent Container Problems

x86: SMF Boot Archive Service Might Fail During System Reboot

Dynamic Tracing Facility

kmdb Replaces kadb as Standard Solaris Kernel Debugger

Where to Find Software Troubleshooting Tasks

Troubleshooting a System Crash

What to Do If the System Crashes

Gathering Troubleshooting Data

Troubleshooting a System Crash Checklist

15.  Managing System Messages

16.  Managing Core Files (Tasks)

17.  Managing System Crash Information (Tasks)

18.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Software Problems (Tasks)

19.  Troubleshooting File Access Problems (Tasks)

20.  Resolving UFS File System Inconsistencies (Tasks)

21.  Troubleshooting Software Package Problems (Tasks)


Troubleshooting a System Crash Checklist

Use this checklist when gathering system data for a crashed system.

Your Data
Is a system crash dump available?
Identify the operating system release and appropriate software application release levels.
Identify system hardware.
Include prtdiag output for sun4u systems. Include Explorer output for other systems.
Are patches installed? If so, include showrev -p output.
Is the problem reproducible?
Does the system have any third-party drivers?
What was the system doing before it crashed?
Were there any unusual console messages right before the system crashed?
Did you add any parameters to the /etc/system file?
Did the problem start recently?