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Linker and Libraries Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to the Oracle Solaris Link Editors

2.  Link-Editor

3.  Runtime Linker

4.  Shared Objects

5.  Application Binary Interfaces and Versioning

6.  Support Interfaces

7.  Object File Format

8.  Thread-Local Storage

9.  Mapfiles

A.  Link-Editor Quick Reference

B.  Versioning Quick Reference

C.  Establishing Dependencies with Dynamic String Tokens

Capability Specific Shared Objects

Reducing Filtee Searches

Instruction Set Specific Shared Objects

Reducing Filtee Searches

System Specific Shared Objects

Locating Associated Dependencies

Dependencies Between Unbundled Products


D.  Direct Bindings

E.  System V Release 4 (Version 1) Mapfiles

F.  Linker and Libraries Updates and New Features


System Specific Shared Objects

The dynamic tokens $OSNAME, $OSREL, $PLATFORM and $MACHINE are expanded at runtime to provide system specific information. These tokens are available for filters, runpath, or dependency definitions.

$OSNAME expands to reflect the name of the operating system, as displayed by the utility uname(1) with the -s option. $OSREL expands to reflect the operating system release level, as displayed by uname -r. $PLATFORM expands to reflect the underlying platform name, as displayed by uname -i. $MACHINE expands to reflect the underlying machine hardware name, as displayed by uname -m.

The following example shows how the auxiliary filter can be designed to access a platform specific filtee

$ LD_OPTIONS='-f /platform/$PLATFORM/lib/' \
cc -o -G -K pic -h -R. foo.c
$ elfdump -d | egrep 'SONAME|AUXILIARY'
       [2]  SONAME            0x1       
       [3]  AUXILIARY         0x96                /platform/$PLATFORM/lib/

This mechanism is used in the Oracle Solaris OS to provide platform specific extensions to the shared object /lib/