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System Administration Guide: Basic Administration     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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Document Information

About This Book

1.  Oracle Solaris Management Tools (Road Map)

2.  Working With the Solaris Management Console (Tasks)

3.  Working With the Oracle Java Web Console (Tasks)

4.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Overview)

5.  Managing User Accounts and Groups (Tasks)

6.  Managing Client-Server Support (Overview)

7.  Managing Diskless Clients (Tasks)

8.  Introduction to Shutting Down and Booting a System

9.  Shutting Down and Booting a System (Overview)

10.  Shutting Down a System (Tasks)

11.  Modifying Oracle Solaris Boot Behavior (Tasks)

12.  Booting an Oracle Solaris System (Tasks)

13.  Managing the Oracle Solaris Boot Archives (Tasks)

14.  Troubleshooting Booting an Oracle Solaris System (Tasks)

15.  x86: GRUB Based Booting (Reference)

16.  x86: Booting a System That Does Not Implement GRUB (Tasks)

17.  Working With the Oracle Solaris Auto Registration regadm Command (Tasks)

18.  Managing Services (Overview)

19.  Managing Services (Tasks)

20.  Managing Software (Overview)

21.  Managing Software With Oracle Solaris System Administration Tools (Tasks)

22.  Managing Software by Using Oracle Solaris Package Commands (Tasks)

23.  Managing Patches

About Patches

Patching Strategy

Live Upgrade

Applying an Oracle Solaris Update or an Oracle Solaris Update Patch Bundle

Applying a Recommended Patch Cluster

Applying a Critical Patch Update

Applying an Enterprise Installation Standards Patch Baseline

Downloading a Patch

How to Search for a Patch

Displaying Information About Patches

Applying a Patch

How to Apply a Patch Using the patchadd Command

Removing a Patch

Patch Management Terms and Definitions

A.  SMF Services


Downloading a Patch

The patches can be downloaded from the My Oracle Support (MOS) web site.

How to Search for a Patch

Before downloading the patch, you might have to search for the patch. To search for a patch, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the MOS web site.
  2. Click the Patches & Updates tab.
  3. In the Patch Search section, click Product or the Family (Advanced Search) option.
  4. Select Solaris Operating System as the Product.
  5. Select Solaris 10 Operating System as the Release.
  6. Select Patch or Patchset or both as the type.

    The term Patch refers to a single patch and the term Patchset refers to collection of patches.

    Patch bundles and patch clusters fall under the category of Patchset.

  7. Click Search.