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Trusted Extensions User's Guide     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Trusted Extensions Software

2.  Logging In to Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

3.  Working in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Visible Desktop Security in Trusted Extensions

Trusted Extensions Logout Process

Working on a Labeled System

How to Lock and Unlock Your Screen

How to Log Out of Trusted Extensions

How to Shut Down Your System

How to View Your Files in a Labeled Workspace

How to Access the Trusted Extensions Man Pages

How to Access Trusted Extensions Online Help

How to Customize the CDE Workspace Menu

How to Access Initialization Files at Every Label

How to Interactively Display a Window Label

How to Perform Some Common Desktop Tasks in Trusted Extensions

Performing Trusted Actions

How to Change Your Password in Trusted Extensions

How to Log In at a Different Label

How to Allocate a Device in Trusted Extensions

How to Deallocate a Device in Trusted Extensions

How to Assume a Role in Trusted Extensions

How to Change the Label of a Workspace

How to Add a Workspace at a Particular Label

How to Switch to a Workspace at a Different Label

How to Move a Window to a Different Workspace

How to Determine the Label of a File

How to Move Data Between Labels

How to Move Files Between Labels in Trusted CDE

4.  Elements of Trusted Extensions (Reference)



Trusted Extensions Logout Process

A workstation that is logged in to, but left unattended, creates a security risk. Make a habit of securing your workstation before you leave. If you plan to return soon, lock your screen. At most sites, the screen automatically locks after a specified period of idleness. If you expect to be gone for awhile, or if you expect someone else to use your workstation, log out.