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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions Administration Concepts

2.  Trusted Extensions Administration Tools

3.  Getting Started as a Trusted Extensions Administrator (Tasks)

4.  Security Requirements on a Trusted Extensions System (Overview)

5.  Administering Security Requirements in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

6.  Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

7.  Managing Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

8.  Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

9.  Trusted Extensions and LDAP (Overview)

10.  Managing Zones in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

11.  Managing and Mounting Files in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

12.  Trusted Networking (Overview)

13.  Managing Networks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

14.  Multilevel Mail in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

15.  Managing Labeled Printing (Tasks)

Labels, Printers, and Printing

Restricting Access to Printers and Print Job Information in Trusted Extensions

Labeled Printer Output

Labeled Body Pages

Labeled Banner and Trailer Pages

PostScript Printing of Security Information

Printer Model Scripts

Additional Conversion Filters

Interoperability of Trusted Extensions With Trusted Solaris 8 Printing

Trusted Extensions Print Interfaces (Reference)

Managing Printing in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)

Configuring Labeled Printing (Task Map)

How to Configure a Multilevel Print Server and Its Printers

How to Configure a Network Printer for Sun Ray Clients

How to Configure Cascade Printing on a Labeled System

How to Configure a Zone for Single-Label Printing

How to Enable a Trusted Extensions Client to Access a Printer

How to Configure a Restricted Label Range for a Printer

Reducing Printing Restrictions in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)

How to Remove Labels From Printed Output

How to Assign a Label to an Unlabeled Print Server

How to Remove Page Labels From All Print Jobs

How to Enable Specific Users to Suppress Page Labels

How to Suppress Banner and Trailer Pages for Specific Users

How to Enable Users to Print PostScript Files in Trusted Extensions

16.  Devices in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

17.  Managing Devices for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

18.  Trusted Extensions Auditing (Overview)

19.  Software Management in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

A.  Quick Reference to Trusted Extensions Administration

B.  List of Trusted Extensions Man Pages


Managing Printing in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)

Trusted Extensions procedures for configuring printing are performed after completing Oracle Solaris printer setup. The following task map points to the major tasks that manage labeled printing.

For Instructions
Configure printers for labeled output.
Enables users to print to a Trusted Extensions printer. The print jobs are marked with labels.
Remove visible labels from printer output.
Enables users to print at a specific label to an Oracle Solaris printer. The print jobs are not marked with labels.

Or, prevents labels from printing on a Trusted Extensions printer.