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System Administration Guide: Printing     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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About This Book

1.  Introduction to Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System

2.  Planning for Printing (Tasks)

3.  Setting Up Network Printing Services (Tasks)

4.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using Oracle Solaris Print Manager (Tasks)

5.  Setting Up Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

6.  Administering Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

7.  Customizing LP Printing Services and Printers (Tasks)

8.  Administering the LP Print Scheduler and Managing Print Requests (Tasks)

9.  Administering Printers on a Network (Tasks)

10.  Administering Character Sets, Filters, Forms, and Fonts (Tasks)

11.  Administering Printers by Using the PPD File Management Utility (Tasks)

12.  Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System (Reference)

Oracle Solaris Print Manager

Oracle Solaris Print Manager and Special Characters

Printer Definitions

Printer Name

Printer Server

Printer Description

Printer Port

Printer Type

File Content Type

Printer Make

Printer Model

Printer Driver

Printer Destination

Network Protocol

Fault Notification

Default Printer

Banner Page

User Access List

Printer Class

Fault Recovery

LP Print Service

LP Print Service Commands

Functions of the LP Print Service

Daemons and LP Internal Files

LP Print Service Directories

LP Print Service Configuration Files

The terminfo Database

Printer Names in the terminfo Database

Required terminfo Items For a Printer

LP Print Service Log Files

Print Queue Logs

History Log Files

Spooling Directories

Filtering Print Files

How the Printer Interface Program Works

Support for the Use of PPD Files To Set Up Printers

Raster Image Processor Support

Support for PostScript Printer Description Files

Where to Find Information About Supported Printers and Available PPD Files

PPD File Management Utility

PPD File Repositories

PPD File Labels

Description of the Printer Driver Field in Oracle Solaris Print Manager

Manufacturer Aliases File

PPD File Caches

Description of the Command-Line Options for the ppdmgr Utility

How the PAPI Is Implemented in the Oracle Solaris OS

Modified Print Commands

13.  Troubleshooting Printing Problems in the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks)

A.  Using the Internet Printing Protocol



Chapter 12

Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System (Reference)

This chapter provides the following reference information for the following features: