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System Administration Guide: Printing     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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About This Book

1.  Introduction to Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System

2.  Planning for Printing (Tasks)

3.  Setting Up Network Printing Services (Tasks)

4.  Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using Oracle Solaris Print Manager (Tasks)

5.  Setting Up Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

6.  Administering Printers by Using LP Print Commands (Tasks)

7.  Customizing LP Printing Services and Printers (Tasks)

8.  Administering the LP Print Scheduler and Managing Print Requests (Tasks)

9.  Administering Printers on a Network (Tasks)

10.  Administering Character Sets, Filters, Forms, and Fonts (Tasks)

11.  Administering Printers by Using the PPD File Management Utility (Tasks)

12.  Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System (Reference)

13.  Troubleshooting Printing Problems in the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks)

Tips on Troubleshooting Printer Setup Problems

Locating Information About Parallel and USB-Connected Print Devices

Tips on Troubleshooting Printing Problems

Troubleshooting No Output (Nothing Prints)

Check the Hardware

Check the Network

Check the LP Print Service

Debugging Printing Problems

Troubleshooting Incorrect Output

Check the Printer Type and File Content Type

Check the stty Settings

Wrong Baud Settings

Wrong Parity Setting

Wrong Tab Settings

Wrong Return Setting

Troubleshooting Hung lp Commands

Troubleshooting Idle (Hung) Printers

Check the Print Filters

Check Printer Faults

Check Network Problems

Print Requests Backed Up in the Local Queue

Print Requests Backed Up in the Remote Queue

Troubleshooting Conflicting Status Messages

Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Printing Problems

Troubleshooting No Printer Output

How to Check the Printer Hardware

How To Check the Printer Network Connections

How to Debug Printing Problems

How to Check the Basic Functions of the LP Print Service

How to Check Printing From a Print Client to a Print Server

How to Troubleshoot Incorrect Output

How to Unhang the LP Print Service

Troubleshooting an Idle (Hung) Printer

How to Check That the Printer is Ready to Print

Checking for Print Filtering

How to Resume Printing After a Printer Fault

How to Send Print Requests to a Remote Printer When Requests Are Backed Up in the Local Queue

How to Free Print Requests From a Print Client That Are Backed Up in the Print Server Queue

How to Resolve Conflicting Printer Status Messages

A.  Using the Internet Printing Protocol



Chapter 13

Troubleshooting Printing Problems in the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks)

This chapter explains how to troubleshoot printing problems that might occur when you set up or maintain printing services.

This is a list of the information that is in this chapter:

For overview information about printing, see Chapter 1, Introduction to Printing in the Oracle Solaris Operating System.