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Oracle Solaris Administration: SMB and Windows Interoperability     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Windows Interoperability (Overview)

2.  Identity Mapping Administration (Tasks)

3.  SMB Server Administration (Tasks)

Disabling the Samba Service

How to Disable the Samba Service

Configuring the SMB Server Operation Mode (Task Map)

How to Configure the SMB Server in Domain Mode

How to Configure the SMB Server in Workgroup Mode

Managing SMB Shares

Managing SMB Shares in This Release

Managing SMB Shares (Task Map)

How to Enable Cross-Protocol Locking

How to Create an SMB Share (zfs)

How to Enable Guest Access to an SMB Share

How to Enable Access-Based Enumeration for a Share

How to Modify SMB Share Properties (zfs)

How to Remove an SMB Share (zfs)

How to Create a Specific Autohome Share Rule

How to Restrict Client Host Access to an SMB Share (zfs)

Managing SMB Groups (Task Map)

How to Create an SMB Group

How to Add a Member to an SMB Group

How to Remove a Member From an SMB Group

How to Modify SMB Group Properties

Configuring the WINS Service

How to Configure WINS

Enabling CATIA V4/V5 Character Translations

How to the Enable CATIA Interoperability Feature

Configuring SMB Printing (Task Map)

How to Enable the SMB Print Service

4.  SMB Client Administration (Tasks)

A.  SMB DTrace Provider



Configuring the WINS Service

This section provides information about configuring the SMB server as a client to the WINS service. For information about configuring other applicable services, see Configuring the SMB Server - Process Overview.

How to Configure WINS

If you are integrating an SMB server in an environment that has a WINS server, you can use Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) for name resolution.

For information about excluding IP addresses from WINS resolution, see Excluding IP Addresses From WINS Name Resolution in the SMB Service Troubleshooting wiki.

  1. Become an administrator, obtain the solaris.smf.value.shares and solaris.smf.manage.shares RBAC authorizations, or use the SMB Management RBAC profile.

    For more information, see How to Obtain Administrative Rights in Oracle Solaris Administration: Security Services.

  2. Specify the IP address of the primary WINS server.

    The primary WINS server is the server consulted first for NetBIOS name resolution.

    # sharectl set -p wins_server_1=IP-address smb
  3. (Optional) Specify the IP address of the secondary WINS server.

    If the primary WINS server does not respond, the system consults the secondary WINS server to perform NetBIOS name resolution.

    # sharectl set -p wins_server_2=IP-address smb