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Oracle Solaris Administration: Network Services     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I Network Services Topics

1.  Network Service (Overview)

2.  Managing Web Cache Servers

3.  Time-Related Services

Part II Accessing Network File Systems Topics

4.  Managing Network File Systems (Overview)

5.  Network File System Administration (Tasks)

6.  Accessing Network File Systems (Reference)

Part III SLP Topics

7.  SLP (Overview)

8.  Planning and Enabling SLP (Tasks)

9.  Administering SLP (Tasks)

Configuring SLP Properties

SLP Configuration File: Basic Elements

Configuration Properties

Comment Lines and Notations

How to Change Your SLP Configuration

Modifying DA Advertising and Discovery Frequency

Limiting UAs and SAs to Statically Configured DAs

How to Limit UAs and SAs to Statically Configured DAs

Configuring DA Discovery for Dial-up Networks

How to Configure DA Discovery for Dial-up Networks

Configuring the DA Heartbeat for Frequent Partitions

How to Configure DA Heartbeat for Frequent Partitions

Relieving Network Congestion

Accommodating Different Network Media, Topologies, or Configurations

Reducing SA Reregistrations

How to Reduce SA Reregistrations

Configuring the Multicast Time-to-Live Property

How to Configure the Multicast Time-to-Live Property

Configuring the Packet Size

How to Configure the Packet Size

Configuring Broadcast-Only Routing

How to Configure Broadcast-Only Routing

Modifying Timeouts on SLP Discovery Requests

Changing Default Timeouts

How to Change Default Timeouts

Configuring the Random-Wait Bound

How to Configure the Random-Wait Bound

Deploying Scopes

When to Configure Scopes

Considerations When Configuring Scopes

How to Configure Scopes

Deploying DAs

Why Deploy an SLP DA?

When to Deploy DAs

How to Deploy DAs

Where to Place DAs

Placing Multiple DAs for Load Balancing

SLP and Multihoming

Multihoming Configuration for SLP

When to Configure for Nonrouted, Multiple Network Interfaces

Configuring Nonrouted, Multiple Network Interfaces (Task Map)

Configuring the net.slp.interfaces Property

How to Configure the net.slp.interfaces Property

Proxy Advertising on Multihomed Hosts

DA Placement and Scope Name Assignment

Considerations When Configuring for Nonrouted, Multiple Network Interfaces

10.  Incorporating Legacy Services

11.  SLP (Reference)

Part IV Mail Services Topics

12.  Mail Services (Overview)

13.  Mail Services (Tasks)

14.  Mail Services (Reference)

Part V Serial Networking Topics

15.  Solaris PPP 4.0 (Overview)

16.  Planning for the PPP Link (Tasks)

17.  Setting Up a Dial-up PPP Link (Tasks)

18.  Setting Up a Leased-Line PPP Link (Tasks)

19.  Setting Up PPP Authentication (Tasks)

20.  Setting Up a PPPoE Tunnel (Tasks)

21.  Fixing Common PPP Problems (Tasks)

22.  Solaris PPP 4.0 (Reference)

23.  Migrating From Asynchronous Solaris PPP to Solaris PPP 4.0 (Tasks)

24.  UUCP (Overview)

25.  Administering UUCP (Tasks)

26.  UUCP (Reference)

Part VI Working With Remote Systems Topics

27.  Working With Remote Systems (Overview)

28.  Administering the FTP Server (Tasks)

29.  Accessing Remote Systems (Tasks)

Part VII Monitoring Network Services Topics

30.  Monitoring Network Performance (Tasks)



Chapter 9

Administering SLP (Tasks)

The following sections provide information and tasks for configuring SLP agents and processes.