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Oracle Solaris Administration: Network Services     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I Network Services Topics

1.  Network Service (Overview)

2.  Managing Web Cache Servers

3.  Time-Related Services

Part II Accessing Network File Systems Topics

4.  Managing Network File Systems (Overview)

5.  Network File System Administration (Tasks)

6.  Accessing Network File Systems (Reference)

Part III SLP Topics

7.  SLP (Overview)

8.  Planning and Enabling SLP (Tasks)

9.  Administering SLP (Tasks)

10.  Incorporating Legacy Services

11.  SLP (Reference)

Part IV Mail Services Topics

12.  Mail Services (Overview)

13.  Mail Services (Tasks)

14.  Mail Services (Reference)

Part V Serial Networking Topics

15.  Solaris PPP 4.0 (Overview)

16.  Planning for the PPP Link (Tasks)

Overall PPP Planning (Task Map)

Planning a Dial-up PPP Link

Before You Set Up the Dial-out Machine

Before You Set Up the Dial-in Server

Example of a Configuration for Dial-up PPP

Where to Go for More Information About Dial-up PPP

Planning a Leased-Line Link

Before You Set Up the Leased-Line Link

Hardware That Is Needed for a Leased-Line Link

Information to Be Gathered for the Leased-Line Link

Example of a Configuration for a Leased-Line Link

Where to Go for More Information About Leased Lines

Planning for Authentication on a Link

Before You Set Up PPP Authentication

Examples of PPP Authentication Configurations

Example of a Configuration Using PAP Authentication

Example of a Configuration Using CHAP Authentication

Where to Go for More Information About Authentication

Planning for DSL Support Over a PPPoE Tunnel

Before You Set Up a PPPoE Tunnel

Before Configuring a PPPoE Client

Before Configuring a PPPoE Server

Example of a Configuration for a PPPoE Tunnel

Example of a PPPoE Client Configuration

Example of a PPPoE Server Configuration

Where to Get More Information About PPPoE

17.  Setting Up a Dial-up PPP Link (Tasks)

18.  Setting Up a Leased-Line PPP Link (Tasks)

19.  Setting Up PPP Authentication (Tasks)

20.  Setting Up a PPPoE Tunnel (Tasks)

21.  Fixing Common PPP Problems (Tasks)

22.  Solaris PPP 4.0 (Reference)

23.  Migrating From Asynchronous Solaris PPP to Solaris PPP 4.0 (Tasks)

24.  UUCP (Overview)

25.  Administering UUCP (Tasks)

26.  UUCP (Reference)

Part VI Working With Remote Systems Topics

27.  Working With Remote Systems (Overview)

28.  Administering the FTP Server (Tasks)

29.  Accessing Remote Systems (Tasks)

Part VII Monitoring Network Services Topics

30.  Monitoring Network Performance (Tasks)



Chapter 16

Planning for the PPP Link (Tasks)

Setting up a PPP link involves a set of discrete tasks, which includes planning tasks and other activities that are not related to PPP. This chapter explains how to plan for the most common PPP links, for authentication, and for PPPoE.

The task chapters that follow Chapter 16, Planning for the PPP Link (Tasks) use sample configurations to illustrate how to set up a particular link. These sample configurations are introduced in this chapter.

Topics that are covered include the following: