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Oracle Solaris Administration: Devices and File Systems     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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About This Book

1.  Managing Removable Media (Overview)

2.  Managing Removable Media (Tasks)

3.  Accessing Removable Media (Tasks)

4.  Writing CDs and DVDs (Tasks)

5.  Managing Devices (Overview/Tasks)

6.  Dynamically Configuring Devices (Tasks)

7.  Using USB Devices (Overview)

8.  Using USB Devices (Tasks)

9.  Using InfiniBand Devices (Overview/Tasks)

Overview of InfiniBand Devices

InfiniBand Software Packages

Dynamically Reconfiguring IB Devices (Task Map)

Dynamically Reconfiguring IB Devices (cfgadm)

Unconfiguring IB Device Considerations

How to Display IB Device Information

How to Unconfigure an IB Port, HCA_SVC, or a VPPA Device

How to Configure a IB Port, HCA_SVC, or a VPPA Device

How to Unconfigure an IB Pseudo Device

How to Configure an IB Pseudo Device

How to Display Kernel IB Clients of an HCA

How to Dynamically Reconfigure an HCA With Active EoIB Devices

How to Reconfigure and Restore an EoIB Interface After Hot Removal

Configuring an IB HCA

How to Update the IB P_key Tables

How to Display IB Communication Services

How to Add a VPPA Communication Service

How to Remove an Existing IB Port, HCA_SVC, or a VPPA Communication Service

Using the uDAPL Application Interface With InfiniBand Devices

How to Enable uDAPL

Updating the DAT Static Registry

How to Update the DAT Static Registry

How to Register a Service Provider in the DAT Static Registry

How to Unregister a Service Provider from the DAT Static Registry

Administering IPoIB Devices (dladm)

How to Display Physical Data Link Information

How to Create IB Partition Links

How to Display IB Partition Link Information

How to Remove an IB Partition Link

Monitoring and Troubleshooting IB Devices

10.  Managing Disks (Overview)

11.  Administering Disks (Tasks)

12.  SPARC: Setting Up Disks (Tasks)

13.  x86: Setting Up Disks (Tasks)

14.  Configuring Storage Devices With COMSTAR

15.  Configuring and Managing the Oracle Solaris Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS)

16.  The format Utility (Reference)

17.  Managing File Systems (Overview)

18.  Creating and Mounting File Systems (Tasks)

19.  Configuring Additional Swap Space (Tasks)

20.  Copying Files and File Systems (Tasks)

21.  Managing Tape Drives (Tasks)


Overview of InfiniBand Devices

InfiniBand (IB) is a new I/O technology based on switched fabrics. It provides high bandwidth, low latency interconnect for attaching I/O devices to hosts and for host-to-host communication. IB devices are managed by the Solaris IB nexus driver.

Support for the following devices is provided in Oracle Solaris 11:

The IB nexus driver queries the Solaris IB Device Manager (IBDM) for services, referred in this guide as communication services, to enumerate the IB Port, HCA_SVC, and IB VPPA devices.

The IB partition link represents a new part class of data link and this object is managed by using the new dladm sub-commands. An IB partition link can be created on top of an IB physical link, one per each P_Key on the port. The partition links are used for data transfers.

The Port devices bind a communication service to a given port# of a Host Channel Adapter (HCA). The VPPA devices bind a communication service to a port#, P_key# combination instead. The HCA_SVC devices bind a communication service to a given HCA. Note that the Port devices and the HCA_SVC devices always use a P_key (partition key) whose value is zero. The Port, HCA_SVC, and VPPA devices are children of the HCA and are enumerated through the ib.conf file. For more information, see ib(7D).

The IOC devices are children of the IB nexus driver and are part of an I/O unit. The pseudo devices are also children of the IB nexus driver and refer to all other devices that provide their own configuration files to enumerate. For more information, see ib(4).

The possible IB device tree path name(s) are listed in the following table.

IOC device
IB pseudo device
IB VPPA device
IB HCA_SVC device
IB Port device

Note that the IB HCA_SVC devices have zero as the port# and the P_key.

The IB components in the preceding table are described as follows:


Is a communication service. For example, ipib is the communication service used by the ibd kernel client driver.


Is the partition link key value being used.


Is the port number.


Refers to IB kernel client driver's property by this name specified in its driver.conf file. For more information, see driver.conf(4).

For information about using IB diagnostic commands and utilities, see Monitoring and Troubleshooting IB Devices.

InfiniBand Software Packages

The IB related software packages are as follows: