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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Document Information


1.  Introduction

2.  Structure and Syntax of Encodings File

3.  Classification Encodings

4.  Information Label Encodings

5.  Sensitivity Label, Clearance, Channels, and Printer Banner Encodings

6.  Accreditation Range and Name Information Label Encodings

7.  General Considerations for Specifying Encodings

8.  Enforcing Proper Label Adjudications

A.  Encodings Specifications Error Messages

B.  Annotated Sample Encodings

C.  CMW Labeling Software C1.0 Release Notes, 6/8/93


Files Changed

Changes to Subroutine Interfaces

Changes to Encodings File

Changes to std_labels.h

Changes to Subroutines

Changes to Encodings Specification Error Messages



Appendix C

CMW Labeling Software C1.0 Release Notes, 6/8/93

Release C1.0 is a modification of Release 2.1.1 that incorporates minor bug fixes, portability improvements, and a new functional capability. This appendix is an addendum to the original document.