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Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling: Encodings Format     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

2.  Structure and Syntax of Encodings File

3.  Classification Encodings

The Name= Keyword

The Sname= Keyword

The Aname= Keyword

The Value= Keyword

The Initial Compartments= Keyword

The Initial Markings= Keyword

4.  Information Label Encodings

5.  Sensitivity Label, Clearance, Channels, and Printer Banner Encodings

6.  Accreditation Range and Name Information Label Encodings

7.  General Considerations for Specifying Encodings

8.  Enforcing Proper Label Adjudications

A.  Encodings Specifications Error Messages

B.  Annotated Sample Encodings

C.  CMW Labeling Software C1.0 Release Notes, 6/8/93



Chapter 3

Classification Encodings

The CLASSIFICATIONS: section specifies the hierarchical classifications to be used by the system. Each classification is defined in terms of its full name, a short name, an internal integer value, and the initial compartments and markings to be associated with a classification, to be described below. This section is used by the system to convert a human-readable representation of a classification into the internal integer form, and to translate the internal form to a human-readable representation.

The CLASSIFICATIONS: section must contain one or more classification specifications. The specification of a classification starts with a name= keyword, and ends with the next name= keyword or the start of the INFORMATION LABELS: section. Therefore, a name= keyword must be the first keyword to follow the CLASSIFICATIONS: keyword. Other keywords used to define a classification are the sname=, aname=, value=, initial compartments=, and initial markings= keywords. These keywords can appear in any order following a name= keyword. A classification cannot contain the slash (/) or comma (,) or whitespace (space, tab, carriage return, linefeed, formfeed) characters.