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Trusted Extensions Label Administration     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Labels in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

2.  Planning Labels in Trusted Extensions(Tasks)

3.  Creating a Label Encodings File (Tasks)

4.  Labeling Printer Output (Tasks)

Labels on Body Pages

Security Text on Banner and Trailer Pages

Specifying the "Protect As" Classification

Specifying Printer Banners

Specifying Channels

Configuring Security Text on Print Jobs (Task Map)

How to Specify the Text in PRINTER BANNERS

How to Specify Handling Instructions in CHANNELS

How to Set a Minimum "Protect As" Classification

5.  Customizing the LOCAL DEFINITIONS Section (Tasks)

6.  Planning an Organization's Encodings File (Example)

A.  Encodings File for SecCompany (Example)


Specifying the “Protect As” Classification

The “Protect As” classification is printed in two places:

The following figure shows the “Protect As” statement on labeled print output.

Figure 4-4 “Protect As” Statement

image:Graphic shows location of Protect As classification, and Protect As classification plus compartments.

In another example, a site uses INTERNAL_USE_ONLY as the minimum “Protect As” classification. The site has three classifications with the values that are shown in the first two columns of the following table. The third column shows the “Protect As” classification. This classification is printed on the banner and trailer pages for the print job when the classification in the left column is in the job's label.

Table 4-1 Effect of Minimum “Protect As” Classification on Printer Output

Classification of Print Job
“Protect As” Classification Printed on Banner and Trailer Pages

As the preceding table illustrates, any print job whose label includes either the PUBLIC or the INTERNAL_USE_ONLY classification would print INTERNAL_USE_ONLY in the “Protect As” statement and at the top and bottom of banner and trailer pages. Any print jobs whose label includes the NEED_TO_KNOW classification would print NEED_TO_KNOW in the same locations.