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Trusted Extensions Configuration and Administration     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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Part I Initial Configuration of Trusted Extensions

1.  Security Planning for Trusted Extensions

2.  Configuration Roadmap for Trusted Extensions

3.  Adding the Trusted Extensions Feature to Oracle Solaris (Tasks)

4.  Configuring Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

5.  Configuring LDAP for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Part II Administration of Trusted Extensions

6.  Trusted Extensions Administration Concepts

7.  Trusted Extensions Administration Tools

8.  Security Requirements on a Trusted Extensions System (Overview)

9.  Performing Common Tasks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

10.  Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

11.  Managing Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

12.  Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

13.  Managing Zones in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

14.  Managing and Mounting Files in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

15.  Trusted Networking (Overview)

16.  Managing Networks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

17.  Trusted Extensions and LDAP (Overview)

18.  Multilevel Mail in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

19.  Managing Labeled Printing (Tasks)

20.  Devices in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

21.  Managing Devices for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

22.  Trusted Extensions Auditing (Overview)

23.  Software Management in Trusted Extensions (Reference)

A.  Site Security Policy

Creating and Managing a Security Policy

Site Security Policy and Trusted Extensions

Computer Security Recommendations

Physical Security Recommendations

Personnel Security Recommendations

Common Security Violations

Additional Security References

B.  Configuration Checklist for Trusted Extensions

Checklist for Configuring Trusted Extensions

C.  Quick Reference to Trusted Extensions Administration

Administrative Interfaces in Trusted Extensions

Oracle Solaris Interfaces Extended by Trusted Extensions

Tighter Security Defaults in Trusted Extensions

Limited Options in Trusted Extensions

D.  List of Trusted Extensions Man Pages

Trusted Extensions Man Pages in Alphabetical Order

Oracle Solaris Man Pages That Are Modified by Trusted Extensions



























MAC, See mandatory access control (MAC)
administering, index iconMultilevel Mail in Trusted Extensions (Overview)
implementation in Trusted Extensions, index iconTrusted Extensions Mail Features
multilevel, index iconMultilevel Mail Service
man pages, quick reference for Trusted Extensions administrators, index iconList of Trusted Extensions Man Pages
managing, See administering
Managing Devices in Trusted Extensions (Task Map), index iconManaging Devices in Trusted Extensions (Task Map)
Managing Trusted Networking (Task Map), index iconManaging the Trusted Network (Task Map)
Managing Users and Rights (Task Map), index iconManaging Users and Rights (Task Map)
Managing Zones (Task Map), index iconManaging Zones (Task Map)
mandatory access control (MAC)
enforcing on the network, index iconThe Trusted Network
in Trusted Extensions, index iconTrusted Extensions and Access Control
maximum labels, remote host templates, index iconNetwork Security Attributes in Trusted Extensions
media, copying files from removable, index iconHow to Copy Files From Portable Media in Trusted Extensions
minimum labels, remote host templates, index iconNetwork Security Attributes in Trusted Extensions
MLPs, See multilevel ports (MLPs)
modifying, label_encodings file, index iconHow to Check and Install Your Label Encodings File
file systems, index iconHow to Share File Systems From a Labeled Zone
files by loopback mounting, index iconHow to Loopback Mount a File That Is Usually Not Visible in a Labeled Zone
overview, index iconNFS Mounts in Trusted Extensions
troubleshooting, index iconHow to Troubleshoot Mount Failures in Trusted Extensions
ZFS dataset on labeled zone, index iconHow to Share a ZFS Dataset From a Labeled Zone
multiheaded system, trusted stripe, index iconMultiheaded Systems and the Trusted Extensions Desktop
multilevel mounts, NFS protocol versions, index iconTrusted Extensions Software and NFS Protocol Versions
multilevel ports (MLPs)
administering, index iconHow to Create a Multilevel Port for a Zone
example of NFSv3 MLP, index iconHow to Create a Multilevel Port for a Zone
example of web proxy MLP, index iconHow to Create a Multilevel Port for a Zone
multilevel printing
accessing by print client, index iconHow to Enable a Trusted Extensions Client to Access a Printer
configuring, index iconHow to Configure a Multilevel Print Server and Its Printers
multilevel server, planning, index iconPlanning for Multilevel Services