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ONC+ Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to ONC+ Technologies

2.  Introduction to TI-RPC

3.  rpcgen Programming Guide

4.  Programmer's Interface to RPC

5.  Advanced RPC Programming Techniques

6.  Porting From TS-RPC to TI-RPC

7.  Multithreaded RPC Programming

8.  Extensions to the Oracle Solaris RPC Library

A.  XDR Technical Note

B.  RPC Protocol and Language Specification

C.  XDR Protocol Specification

D.  RPC Code Examples

Directory Listing Program and Support Routines (rpcgen)

Time Server Program (rpcgen)

Add Two Numbers Program (rpcgen)

Spray Packets Program (rpcgen)

Print Message Program With Remote Version

Batched Code Example

Non-Batched Example

E.  portmap Utility



Non-Batched Example

This example is included for reference only. It is a version of the batched client string rendering service, written as a non-batched program.

Example D-13 Unbatched Version of Batched Client

#include <stdio.h>
#include <rpc/rpc.h>
#include "windows.h"

main(argc, argv)
    int             argc;
    char          **argv;
    struct timeval  total_timeout;
    register CLIENT *client;
    enum clnt_stat  clnt_stat;
    char            buf[1000], *s = buf;

    if ((client = clnt_create(argv[1], WINDOWPROG, WINDOWVERS,
                "CIRCUIT_V")) == (CLIENT *) NULL) {
    total_timeout.tv_sec = 20;
    total_timeout.tv_usec = 0;
    while (scanf("%s", s) != EOF) {
        if(clnt_call(client, RENDERSTRING, xdr_wrapstring, &s,
            xdr_void, (caddr_t) NULL, total_timeout) != RPC_SUCCESS) {
            clnt_perror(client, "rpc");