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Creating a Custom Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Image     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Creating a Custom Installation Image

2.  Design a Custom Installation Image

System Requirements for Building Images

Customizing Images

Sample Manifests

How to Create and Build a Custom Image

Modifying the Manifest Content

Provide Image Title

Modify Boot Menu

Specify Build Area

Specify Publisher

List Packages to Install

List Packages to Uninstall

Specify Publisher for Installed System

Setup Build Checkpoints

Creating and Using Custom Scripts

How to Create and Use a Custom Script

3.  Building an Image

System Requirements for Building Images

In order to use the distribution constructor, you must have the following set up on your system.

Table 2-1 System Requirements

Disk space
The recommended minimum size for your distribution constructor work space is 8 Gbytes. Confirm that you have sufficient space on your system to use the distribution constructor.
Oracle Solaris release

You must have the Oracle Solaris operating system (OS) installed on your system. Note the following considerations.

  • Your installed system must have network access. The distribution constructor accesses Image Packaging System (IPS) repositories that are available on the network to retrieve packages for the ISO image. You must have network access to the repositories that you specify in the manifest file.
  • When using the distribution constructor, you can only create SPARC images on a SPARC system and x86 images on an x86 system.

  • The Oracle Solaris release version on your system must be the same as the release version of the images that you use with the distribution constructor.

Note - You must become the root role to run the distribution constructor.

Required packages
The distribution-constructor package, which contains the distribution constructor application.