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Copying and Creating Oracle Solaris 11 Package Repositories     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Image Packaging System Package Repositories

2.  Copying IPS Package Repositories

3.  Providing Access To Your Repository

4.  Maintaining Your Local IPS Package Repository

Updating Your Local Repository

Checking and Setting Repository Properties

Customizing Your Local Repository

Serving Multiple Repositories Using Multiple Depot Server Instances

Depot Server Apache Configuration

Configuring Caching For the Depot Server

Cache Considerations For the Catalog Attributes File

Cache Considerations For Search

Running the Depot Server Behind a Web Proxy

Recommended Generic Apache Configuration Settings

Apache Configuration Examples

A Simple Prefixed Proxy Configuration

Multiple Repositories Under One Domain

Load Balanced Configurations

Complete Load Balanced Example

Customizing Your Local Repository

You can create a repository that is a subset of the source repository. The following command copies all versions of the group/feature/amp package and all dependencies of those versions to the amprepo repository. The amprepo repository was previously created using the pkgrepo create command.

# pkgrecv -s -d /export/amprepo \
-m all-versions -r group/feature/amp

You can add packages from different publishers to your repository. The following pkgrecv command adds all the packages from the ISVproducts.p5p package archive to the local repository. In the pkg list output, the publisher is shown because it is not the publisher that is highest ranked in search order in this image.

# pkg list -g /tmp/ISVproducts.p5p
isvtool (      1.0          ---
# pkgrecv -s /tmp/ISVproducts.p5p -d /export/repoSolaris11 '*'
Processing packages for publisher ...
Retrieving and evaluating 1 package(s)...
PROCESS        ITEMS      GET (MB)      SEND (MB)
Completed        1/1       0.0/0.0        0.0/0
# pkg list -g /export/repoSolaris11 isvtool
isvtool (      1.0          ---