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Copying and Creating Oracle Solaris 11 Package Repositories     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Image Packaging System Package Repositories

2.  Copying IPS Package Repositories

3.  Providing Access To Your Repository

4.  Maintaining Your Local IPS Package Repository

Updating Your Local Repository

Checking and Setting Repository Properties

Customizing Your Local Repository

Serving Multiple Repositories Using Multiple Depot Server Instances

Depot Server Apache Configuration

Configuring Caching For the Depot Server

Cache Considerations For the Catalog Attributes File

Cache Considerations For Search

Running the Depot Server Behind a Web Proxy

Recommended Generic Apache Configuration Settings

Apache Configuration Examples

A Simple Prefixed Proxy Configuration

Multiple Repositories Under One Domain

Load Balanced Configurations

Complete Load Balanced Example

Serving Multiple Repositories Using Multiple Depot Server Instances

This section shows how to extend the information provided in Retrieving Packages Using an HTTP Interface to support serving multiple repositories using multiple pkg.depotd daemons running on different ports on the same repository server.

In this example, the dev_repo repository exists in addition to the repoSolaris11 repository. The repoSolaris11 repository is accessible from http://localhost/ using port 80.

Make sure the publisher prefix is set on the dev_repo repository:

# pkgrepo set -s /export/dev_repo publisher/prefix=dev

Add a new instance of the pkg/server service:

# svccfg -s pkg/server add dev
# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev addpg pkg application
# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev setprop pkg/port=81
# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev setprop pkg/inst_root=/export/dev_repo

Check that you have added the new instance:

# svccfg -s pkg/server list

Complete configuration of the new pkg/server instance:

# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev addpg general framework
# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev addpropvalue general/complete astring: dev
# svccfg -s pkg/server:dev addpropvalue general/enabled boolean: true

Start the new service:

# svcadm refresh application/pkg/server:dev
# svcadm enable application/pkg/server:dev

Browse the repository at http://localhost:81/.

See Multiple Repositories Under One Domain for information about running multiple repositories under one domain name with different prefixes.