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Oracle Solaris 11 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Before You Begin

2.  Installation Issues

3.  Runtime Issues

4.  Update Issues

Update Bugs

Cannot Update From Oracle Solaris 11 Express to Oracle Solaris 11 by Using Package Manager (19022)

Directory Not Empty or Unexpected Messages During Update (7019792)

Products That Have Dependencies on Obsolete Packages (7106586)

CUPS Replaces the LP Print Service as the Default Print Service in Oracle Solaris 11

syslog Reports That the /etc/mail/aliases.db Alias Database Is Out of Date After an Update (7096745)

Default Language Issues for Unconfigured Locale Facets (7073516)

Chapter 4

Update Issues

This chapter describes issues that might occur while you are updating to Oracle Solaris 11.