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Oracle Solaris 11 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Before You Begin

2.  Installation Issues

Installation Bugs

Automated Installer Fails to Install on Systems With Low Disk Space and High Memory Allocation (7090030)

AI Client Boot Fails With wanboot.conf Error Because of Restrictive umask (7052679)

SPARC: Net Device and Communication Device Names Are Mapped Incorrectly During Text Installation (7097656)

Text Installer Does Not Allow Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Into Another Slice in the Existing Solaris2 Partition (7091267)

Passing a Directory to a zoneadm install Command Drops Profiles With Duplicate Names Under That Tree (7093399)

Automated Installer Manifests Are Installed World-Readable (7097115)

Adding New Elements Using the aimanifest Command Fails If the Direct Next Element Is Missing (7093788)

Network-Based Automated Installer Fails on x2100 Platform With nge Drivers (6999502)

sysconfig and Text Installer Applications Terminate Unexpectedly From Timezone Screens (7026383)

Automated Installer Fails to Match Target Disks When Using Dual-Path Boot Disk (7079889)

FMA Disk Topology Discovery Might Not Handle Configuration With Mixed Directly Attached and Virtual Disks (7093885)

Host Name Criterion Must Exactly Match Host Name Returned by Client to Select Profile (7098861)

Text Installer Displays in English When Another Language Is Chosen (7095437)

Oracle VM Server for SPARC: WAN Boot and Automated Install of Guest Domains Is Slower On Older System Firmware (6969316)

Multiple AI Service Name Conflicts on AI Servers (7042544)

installadm create-service Creates Faulty DHCP Configuration When DNS Is Not Enabled (7087888)

txzonemgr Cannot Clone a Labeled Zone (7107525)

Hardware-Related Issues

System Might Panic With Incorrect BIOS Entries for CPU Power Management (7096091)

SPARC: System Requires Firmware Update to Boot Oracle Solaris 11 (7058642)

3.  Runtime Issues

4.  Update Issues

Chapter 2

Installation Issues

This chapter describes issues that you might encounter during the installation of Oracle Solaris 11 and suggested workarounds where available.