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Transitioning From Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Transitioning From Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11 (Overview)

2.  Transitioning to an Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Method

Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Methods

Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Requirements

ZFS Root Pool Installation Requirements

Oracle Solaris 11 Preinstallation Tasks

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 by Using Installation Media

Migrating From JumpStart to AI

Using the JumpStart Migration Utility

JumpStart to AI Conversion Tasks

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 by Using AI

Setting Up an Install Server

Customizing an AI Installation

Provisioning a Client System

Configuring a Client System

Creating a Script That Runs at First Boot

Installing Client Systems by Using AI

Additional Installation Tasks

Configuring Date and Time Before and After an Installation

How to Switch From Local Time Format to UTC Format

How to Switch From UTC Format to Local Time Format

Maintaining Local Time on a System Running Multiple Operating Systems That Keep RTC Time as Local Time

Adding a Linux Entry to the GRUB Menu After an Installation

Troubleshooting an Oracle Solaris 11 Installation

Monitoring the Live Media Startup Process

Troubleshooting Login and User Account Issues After an Installation

x86: How to Troubleshoot Your Login

3.  Managing Devices

4.  Managing Storage Features

5.  Managing File Systems

6.  Managing Software

7.  Managing Network Configuration

8.  Managing System Configuration

9.  Managing Security

10.  Managing Oracle Solaris Releases in a Virtual Environment

11.  User Account Management and User Environment Changes

12.  Using Oracle Solaris Desktop Features

A.  Transitioning From Previous Oracle Solaris 11 Releases to Oracle Solaris 11

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 by Using Installation Media

Oracle Solaris 11 can be installed from installation media by using any of the following installers or methods:

You can also create custom Live Media images, text installer images, and AI images. See Creating a Custom Oracle Solaris 11 Installation Image.

Note - You cannot upgrade your system with any of the Oracle Solaris installers, but after installing the OS, you can update all of the packages on your system by using the pkg utility. See Installing and Updating Packages in Oracle Solaris Administration: Common Tasks.

The following installation features are no longer supported: