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Oracle Solaris 11 User's Guide for the GNOME Desktop     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Getting Started With the Desktop

2.  Using the Desktop Windows

3.  Using the Desktop Workspaces

4.  Using the Desktop Panels

5.  Using the Desktop Applications

6.  Using the Main Menubar

7.  Using the File Manager

8.  Using the Desktop Tools and Utilities

9.  Configuring the Desktop

A.  Using the Mouse

B.  Using the Keyboard

Global Shortcut Keys

Window Shortcut Keys

Application Keys

Access Keys

Access Keys

An access key is an underlined letter in a menubar, menu, or a dialog that you can use to perform an action.

To open a menu, hold the Alt key, and then press the access key. To choose a menu item when a menu is displayed, you can press the access key for the menu item.

For example, to open a new window in the Help application, press Alt+F to open the File menu, and then press N to activate the New Window menu item. You can also use access keys to access elements in a dialog. To access a particular dialog element, hold the Alt key, and then press the access key.