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Oracle Solaris 11 User's Guide for the GNOME Desktop     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Getting Started With the Desktop

2.  Using the Desktop Windows

3.  Using the Desktop Workspaces

4.  Using the Desktop Panels

5.  Using the Desktop Applications

Applications Overview

Working With Files

Opening a File

Filtering the File List

Choosing a Folder

Opening a Location

Opening Remote Locations

Adding and Removing Bookmarks

Showing Hidden Files

Saving a File

Saving a File in Another Location

Replacing an Existing File

Creating a Folder

6.  Using the Main Menubar

7.  Using the File Manager

8.  Using the Desktop Tools and Utilities

9.  Configuring the Desktop

A.  Using the Mouse

B.  Using the Keyboard

Chapter 5

Using the Desktop Applications

This chapter describes how to use the Oracle Solaris Desktop applications. The applications have a similar look-and-feel, use the same shortcut keys, and also provide a drag-and-drop option. The applications are developed using the GNOME 2.3 development platform. An application developed using this platform is also called a GNOME-compliant application. For example, the file manager and the Gedit Text Editor are GNOME-compliant applications.

This chapter includes the following information: