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International Language Environment Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

2.  Unicode and UTF-8 Locale Support

Unicode Overview

UTF-8 Overview

Common Locale Data Repository

Locales With Non-UTF-8 Character Sets

Migrating From Non-UTF-8 Locales to UTF-8 Locales

Plain Text Files

File Names and Directory Names



3.  Working with Languages and Locales

4.  Desktop Keyboard Preferences and Input Methods

5.  Configuring Fonts

6.  Advanced Topics

A.  Available Locales


Chapter 2

Unicode and UTF-8 Locale Support

Text strings in a computer are represented as sequence of character codes. A character set is a mapping between a character and the character code. The character set used for encoding strings is one of the most important characteristics of a locale. This chapter describes character sets used in Oracle Solaris locales and also the data source used for their creation. It covers the following topics:

Using the wrong character set to display a string often results in broken output. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to convert strings in order to use a different character set. Such conversions are described in Migrating From Non-UTF-8 Locales to UTF-8 Locales.