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International Language Environment Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction

2.  Unicode and UTF-8 Locale Support

3.  Working with Languages and Locales

Locale Selection in GNOME Display Manager

How to Select a Locale in GNOME Desktop Manager

How to Start a Session in a Different Language

Setting the Locale in a Terminal Session

Composite Locales

Installing Additional Locales

Locale Facets

What Is a Facet?

Structure of Locale Facets

How to Add Language Support in Package Manager

Adding Language Support From the Command Line

Setting the System's Default Locale

Legacy Locales

Locale Aliasing

Locale Selection in the Installer

Locale Selection in the Automated Installer

Selecting Locales to Be Installed

Non UTF-8 Locales

Setting the Default System Locale, Keymap and Timezone

4.  Desktop Keyboard Preferences and Input Methods

5.  Configuring Fonts

6.  Advanced Topics

A.  Available Locales


Chapter 3

Working with Languages and Locales

This chapter describes how to select, install and use languages, and locales in Oracle Solaris 11 system. It covers he following topics: