2 Introduction to Standalone-Server Domains

This chapter introduces standalone domains for Oracle Complex Event Processing (Oracle CEP), or domains that contain a single instance that can be the starting point for clusters.

2.1 Overview of Oracle CEP Standalone-Server Domain Administration

An Oracle CEP standalone-server domain is a domain that contains a single Oracle CEP server. This is the type of domain created by default by the Configuration Wizard and is the starting point for a multi-server domain.

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2.2 Scalability and Oracle CEP Standalone-Server Domain

Using a standalone-server domain, you can take advantage of some of the Oracle CEP scalability quality of service options.

To maximize scalability, consider a multi-server domain.

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2.3 Next Steps

After creating your own Oracle CEP standalone-server domain, consider the administration tasks that Section 1.5, "Understanding Oracle CEP Server Administration Tasks" describes.

For example, you can: