Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

Package oracle.sdp.messaging.userprefs

Interface Summary
DeliveryPreference Interface to get the rule-based user preference devices.
DeviceAddress This interface represents the physical device.
FilterCondition This class represents the conditions defined in the user rules
RuleSet This interface represents the RuleSet that is associated with each user.
UserDevice This class represents the logical user device.
UserPrefsObject This is the base class for ruleSet, DeviceAddress, and UserDevice.
UserPrefsServices This is the root interface for creating, deleting, and finding the user extension objects such as devices, addresses, rulesets, etc.
UserRule This Interface represents each of the user defined rules
UserRuleSet This Interface represent all the User Defined Rules for a given guid

Class Summary
UserPrefsManager This is the main entry point class that is used to create the reference to the appropriate factory.

Enum Summary
ActionOperationType Enumeration of messaging action types available in DeliveryPreference
FilterOperationType Enumeration describing types of evaluation for each condition of a UserRule
TermOperationType Enumeration describing the available operations for conditions in UserRule For each operation, the required number of operands are also specified.

Exception Summary
ObjectAlreadyExistsException This exception should be thrown when an attempt is made to create an existing object
ObjectNotFoundException This exception should be thrown when an object that should be present is not found.
UserPrefsException Generic exception that wraps specific system level or implementation exceptions.
UserRuleSetValidationException Exception thrown when an invalid state is found in the User Defined Rules.

Oracle Fusion Middleware User Messaging Service Java API Reference

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