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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


Uses of Interface

Packages that use IFinder
oracle.odi.core.persistence Provides Oracle Data Integrator core infrastructure persistence management API. 
oracle.odi.domain.model.finder This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Finder interfaces for domain model objects.
oracle.odi.domain.project.finder This package contains Oracle Data Integrator Finder interfaces for domain project objects.
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario.finder This package contains classes for searching Oracle Data Integrator scenarios. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence.finder This package contains classes for searching Oracle Data Integrator runtime sequences. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session.finder This package contains classes for searching Oracle Data Integrator sessions. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable.finder This package contains classes for searching Oracle Data Integrator runtime variables and their values. This package contains Finder implementation to look for user objects. 
oracle.odi.domain.topology.finder This package contains classes for searching Oracle Data Integrator topology entities. 


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.core.persistence


Methods in oracle.odi.core.persistence that return IFinder
 IFinder IOdiEntityManager.getFinder(java.lang.Class pEntityType)
          Obtains the IFinder instance for the given entity type.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.model.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.model.finder
 interface IOdiColumnFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiColumn instances.
 interface IOdiConditionFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiCondition instances.
 interface IOdiDataStoreFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiDataStore instances.
 interface IOdiKeyFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiKey instances.
 interface IOdiMainPartitionFinder
          Defines finder method to load OdiMainPartition instances.
 interface IOdiModelFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiModel instances.
 interface IOdiModelFolderFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiModelFolder instances.
 interface IOdiPartitionFinder<T extends OdiPartition>
          Defines finder methods to load OdiPartition instances.
 interface IOdiReferenceFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiReference instances.
 interface IOdiSubModelFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiSubModel instances.
 interface IOdiSubPartitionFinder
          Defines finder methods to load OdiSubPartition instances.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.project.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.project.finder
 interface IOdiCKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiCKM entity.
 interface IOdiFolderFinder
          Finder interface for OdiFolder entity.
 interface IOdiIKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiIKM entity.
 interface IOdiInterfaceFinder
          Finder interface for OdiInterface entity.
 interface IOdiJKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiJKM entity.
 interface IOdiKMFinder<KMType extends OdiKM<?>>
          Root finder interface for Knowledge Modules.
 interface IOdiLKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLKM entity.
 interface IOdiPackageFinder
          Finder interface for OdiPackage entity.
 interface IOdiProjectFinder
          Finder interface for OdiProject entity.
 interface IOdiRKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiRKM entity.
 interface IOdiSequenceFinder
          Finder interface for OdiSequence entity.
 interface IOdiSKMFinder
          Finder interface for OdiSKM entity.
 interface IOdiUserFunctionFinder
          Finder interface for OdiUserFunction.
 interface IOdiUserProcedureFinder
          Finder interface for OdiUserProcedure entity.
 interface IOdiVariableFinder
          Finder interface for OdiVariable entity.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan.finder
 interface IOdiLoadPlanFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLoadPlan entity.
 interface IOdiLoadPlanScheduleFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLoadPlanSchedule entity.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.lpi.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.lpi.finder
 interface IOdiLoadPlanInstanceFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLoadPlanInstance entity.
 interface IOdiLoadPlanInstanceRunFinder


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario.finder
 interface IOdiScenarioFinder
          Finder interface for OdiScenario entity.
 interface IOdiScenarioFolderFinder
          Finder interface for OdiScenarioFolder entity.
 interface IOdiScenarioScheduleFinder
          Finder interface for OdiScenarioSchedule entity.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.sequence.finder
 interface IOdiStandardSequenceValueFinder
          Finder interface for OdiStandardSequence entity.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.session.finder
 interface IOdiSessionFinder
          Finder interface for OdiSession entity root.
 interface IOdiSessionFolderFinder
          Finder interface for OdiSessionFolder entity root.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.variable.finder
 interface IOdiVariableValueFinder
          Finder interface for OdiVariableValue entity.


Uses of IFinder in


Subinterfaces of IFinder in
 interface IOdiUserFinder
          Finder interface for OdiUser entity.


Uses of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.topology.finder


Subinterfaces of IFinder in oracle.odi.domain.topology.finder
 interface IOdiContextFinder
          Finder interface for OdiContext entity.
 interface IOdiContextualAgentMappingFinder
          Finder interface for OdiContextualAgentMapping instances.
 interface IOdiContextualSchemaMappingFinder
          Finder interface for OdiContextualSchemaMapping entity.
 interface IOdiDataServerFinder
          Finder interface for OdiDataServer entity.
 interface IOdiDataTypeFinder
          Finder interface for OdiDataType entity.
 interface IOdiEnterpriseSchedulerFinder
          Finder interface for OdiEnterpriseScheduler.
 interface IOdiFlexFieldFinder
          Finder interface for OdiFlexField entity.
 interface IOdiIndexTypeFinder
          Finder interface for OdiIndexType entity.
 interface IOdiLogicalAgentFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLogicalAgent instances.
 interface IOdiLogicalSchemaFinder
          Finder interface for OdiLogicalSchema entity.
 interface IOdiMasterRepositoryInfoFinder
          Finder interface for OdiMasterRepositoryInfo entity.
 interface IOdiPhysicalAgentDataSourceFinder
          Finder interface for OdiPhysicalAgentDataSource.
 interface IOdiPhysicalAgentFinder
          Finder interface for OdiPhysicalAgent.
 interface IOdiPhysicalSchemaFinder
          Finder interface for OdiPhysicalSchema entity.
 interface IOdiRepositoryServerFinder
          Finder interface for OdiRepositoryServer.
 interface IOdiTechnologyFinder
          Finder interface for OdiTechnology entity.
 interface IOdiWorkRepositoryInfoFinder
          Finder interface for OdiWorkRepositoryInfo entity.


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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


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