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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (

Class DataServiceGeneratorImpl

  extended by

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DataServiceGeneratorImpl
extends java.lang.Object
implements IDataServiceGenerator

Default IDataServiceGenerator implementation.

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Constructor Summary
DataServiceGeneratorImpl(OdiInstance pOdiInstance)
          Construct an IDataServiceGenerator for generating a data service.


Method Summary
 void generateDataService(java.lang.Number pModelId, java.lang.String pContextCode, pTemporaryDirectory, java.lang.Boolean pGenerateCode, java.lang.Boolean pCompile, java.lang.Boolean pDeploy, java.lang.Boolean pGenerate10xStypeCode)
          Generate data services for a model


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Constructor Detail


public DataServiceGeneratorImpl(OdiInstance pOdiInstance)
Construct an IDataServiceGenerator for generating a data service.
pOdiInstance - OdiInstance to be used.

Method Detail


public void generateDataService(java.lang.Number pModelId,
                                java.lang.String pContextCode,
                                java.lang.Boolean pGenerateCode,
                                java.lang.Boolean pCompile,
                                java.lang.Boolean pDeploy,
                                java.lang.Boolean pGenerate10xStypeCode)
                         throws DataServiceGeneratorException
Description copied from interface: IDataServiceGenerator
Generate data services for a model

Generate model-level data services as well as the data services for the selected datastores in this model.
Generation phases:

Generate Code : Deletes the content of the generation directory. Generates the Java source code for the data services using the code template from the SKM.

Compilation : Extracts web service framework. Compiles the Java source code.

Deployment : Packages the compiled code. Deploys the package to the deployment target, using the deployment method selected for the container.


 IDataServiceGenerator igen = new DataServiceGeneratorImpl(odiInstance);
 igen.generateDataService(model.getInternalId(), "GLOBAL", "/tmp", null, null, null, null);
Specified by:
generateDataService in interface IDataServiceGenerator
pModelId - Model ID of model to be generated.
pContextCode - Code of context into which the data services are generated and deployed.
pTemporaryDirectory - Oracle Data Integrator places the generated source code and the compiled Web Service here. This directory is a temporary location that can be deleted after generation. You can review the generated source code for the data services here.
pGenerateCode - Generation Code defaults to true
pCompile - Compile defaults to true
pDeploy - Deploy defaults to true
pGenerate10xStypeCode - Generate 10x style code. defaults to false
DataServiceGeneratorException - if exception was thrown during generation.

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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


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