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Interface ScriptOnResourceApiOp

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public interface ScriptOnResourceApiOp
extends APIOperation

Runs a script on the target resource that a connector manages. This API operation is supported only for a connector that implements ScriptOnResourceOp.

The contract here at the API level is intentionally very loose. Each connector decides what script languages it supports, what running a script on a target resource actually means, and what script options (if any) that connector supports. Refer to the javadoc of each particular connector for more information.

Field Summary


Fields inherited from interface org.identityconnectors.framework.api.operations.APIOperation


Method Summary
 java.lang.Object runScriptOnResource(ScriptContext request, OperationOptions options)
          Runs a script on a specific target resource.


Method Detail


java.lang.Object runScriptOnResource(ScriptContext request,
                                     OperationOptions options)
Runs a script on a specific target resource.
request - The script and arguments to run.
options - Additional options which control how the script is run. Please refer to the connector documentation for supported options.
The result of the script. The return type must be a type that the connector framework supports for serialization. See ObjectSerializerFactory for a list of supported return types.

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