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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.config

Interface Summary
DescriptorCustomizer Customize a ClassDescriptor when the DescriptorCustomizer.customize(ClassDescriptor) method is called during the loading/population of the mappings.
SessionCustomizer PUBLIC: This interface is to allow extra customization on an EclipseLink Session


Class Summary
BatchWriting Specify the use of batch writing to optimize transactions with multiple writes, by default batch writing is not used.
CacheCoordinationProtocol Cache coordination protocol persistence property values.
CacheType Cache type persistence property values.
CacheUsage Cache usage hint values.
CacheUsageIndirectionPolicy In-memory querying and conforming indirection policy.
CascadePolicy Cascade policy hint values.
EntityManagerProperties The class defines EclipseLink properties' names for use at the EntityManager level.
ExclusiveConnectionMode This property could be specified while creating either EntityManagerFactory (createEntityManagerFactory or persistence.xml) or EntityManager (createEntityManager); the latter overrides the former.
FlushClearCache FlushClearCache persistence property defines modes of cache handling after em.flush call followed by em.clear call.
HintValues Hint values.
LoggerType Logger type persistence property values.
ParameterDelimiterType Parameter delimiter char hint values.
PersistenceUnitProperties The class defines EclipseLink persistence unit property names.
PessimisticLock PessimisticLock hint values.
ProfilerType Profiler type persistence property values.
QueryHints The class defines EclipseLink query hints.
QueryType Query type hint values.
ResultSetConcurrency JDBC ResultSet concurrency hint values.
ResultSetType JDBC ResultSet type hint values.
ResultType Result type hint values.
StructConverterType This class contains predefined StructConverter types.
SystemProperties This class provides the list of System properties that are recognized by EclipseLink.
TargetDatabase Target database persistence property values.
TargetServer Target server persistence property values.


Enum Summary
CacheIsolationType Options for how Entity instances should be shared within an EclipseLink Persistence Unit / ServerSession
ReferenceMode Purpose: This class is a configuration property used to specify What type of Referenes EclipseLink will use when referencing Entities within the Persistence Context / UnitOfWork.


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