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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.eis

Interface Summary
DOMRecord DOMRecord is an extension of the JCA Record interface that provides support for XML data.
RecordConverter The RecordConverter interface allows conversion of an adapter specific record.


Class Summary
EISAccessor EISAccessor is an implementation of the Accessor interface.
EISCollectionChangeRecord INTERNAL: Capture the changes for an unordered collection as collections of adds and removes.
EISConnectionSpec An EISConnectionSpec specifies how the javax.resource.cci.Connection is accessed.
EISDescriptor An EISDescriptor defines the mapping from a JCA data structure to a Java object.
EISDOMRecord An EISDOMRecord is a wrapper for a DOM tree.
EISLogin An EISLogin defines connection information and datasource properties.
EISMappedRecord An EISMappedRecord acts as a Record wrapper.
EISObjectPersistenceXMLProject INTERNAL: EISObjectPersistenceXMLProject defines the EclipseLink EIS project and descriptor information to read a EclipseLink project from an XML file.
EISOrderedCollectionChangeRecord INTERNAL: Capture the changes for an ordered collection where the entire collection is simply replaced if it has changed.
EISPlatform An EISPlatform defines any EIS adapter specific behavior.
EISSequence The EISSequence class allows access to sequence resources using custom read (ValueReadQuery) and update (DataModifyQuery) queries and a user specified preallocation size.


Exception Summary
EISException Use an EISException when any problem is detected while interacting with an EIS datasource


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