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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server

Interface Summary
JMXEnabledPlatform PUBLIC: This interface must be implemented by server platform classes that have JMX/MBean functionality enabled in EclipseLink.
ServerPlatform PUBLIC: This is the interface describing the behavior for ServerPlatformBase, and any other class that wants to provide behavior for a server.


Class Summary
CustomServerPlatform INTERNAL: This is the concrete subclass responsible for handling backward compatibility for 9.0.4.
JMXServerPlatformBase PUBLIC: Subclass of org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.ServerPlatformBase in support of the JMXEnabledPlatform interface This is the abstract superclass of all platforms for all servers that contain a subclass that implements the JMXEnabledPlatform interface.
NoServerPlatform PUBLIC: This platform is used when EclipseLink is not within any server (Oc4j, WebLogic, ...)
ServerLog Basic logging class that provides framework for integration with the application server log.
ServerPlatformBase PUBLIC: Implementation of org.eclipse.persistence.platform.server.ServerPlatform This is the abstract superclass of all platforms for all servers.


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