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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.sdo

Interface Summary
ValueStore Purpose The ValueStore interface exposes the property model in SDO to pluggable implementers that wish to wrap their object model in the SDO API.


Class Summary
DefaultValueStore Purpose:Default implementation of the ValueStore interface.
SDOChangeSummary Purpose:A change summary is used to record changes to DataObjects.
SDOConstants Purpose: Maintain constants in one class Responsibilities: Define and hold constants that are independent of classLoader, context.
SDODataGraph Purpose:A data graph is used to package a graph of data objects along with their metadata, that is, data describing the data.
SDOHelper This class provides a mechanism to obtain the EclipseLink implementation of various SDO runtime classes based on a given SDO class/interface.
SDOProperty Purpose:A representation of a Property in the type of a data object.
SDOResolvable INTERNAL: Purpose: This class performs serialization/deserialization of an SDODataObject.
SDOSetting Purpose: A setting encapsulates a Property and a corresponding single value of the property's type.
SDOXMLDocument Purpose: Represents an XML Document containing a tree of DataObjects.


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