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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle TopLink
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Package org.eclipse.persistence.sessions.factories

Interface Summary
DescriptorCustomizer Deprecated.
SessionCustomizer Deprecated.


Class Summary
OracleDirectToXMLTypeMappingHelper Helper class to abstract the XML mapping for DirectToXMLType.
ProjectClassGenerator Purpose: Allow for a class storing a TopLink project's descriptors (meta-data) to be generated.
SessionFactory Helper class to simplify the development and generation of code that accesses TopLink through the SessionManager (sessions config XML).
SessionManager Purpose: Global session location.
TableCreatorClassGenerator Purpose: Allow for a class storing a TopLink table creator's tables (meta-data) to be generated.
XMLProjectReader Purpose: Allow for a EclipseLink Mapping Workbench generated deployment XML project file to be read.
XMLProjectReader.XMLSchemaResolver INTERNAL: Workaround for bug #3503583.
XMLProjectWriter Purpose: Write the deployment XML (object persistence meta-data) for the TopLink project instance to a file.
XMLSessionConfigLoader Provide a mechanism for loading Session configuration XML files.


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