1 About Oracle Identity Management Components

This chapter provides an overview of the components with which Oracle Access Manager 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) integrates. For an introduction to Oracle Access Manager, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Access Manager with Oracle Security Token Service.

This chapter contains these sections:

1.1 About Oracle Access Manager Integrations

Integrating Oracle Access Manager 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) with other applications and portals requires some knowledge of both products. This guide provides the information required to set up Oracle Access Manager for specific applications and components you can integrate with Oracle Access Manager.

1.2 A Note About IDMDomain Agents and Webgates

By default, the IDMDomain Agent is enabled in the Oracle HTTP Server deployment. If you migrate from IDMDomain Agent to WebGate Agent, note the following:

  • The protection policies set up for IDMDomain can be reused for WebGate if your webgate uses the IDMDomain preferredHost.

  • IDMDomain and WebGate can coexist. If the IDMDomain Agent discovers a WebGate Agent in the Oracle HTTP Server deployment, IDMDomain Agent becomes dormant.

1.3 Components Described in This Document

This section provides a brief survey of the Oracle Identity Management components that integrate with Oracle Access Manager. They are:

1.3.1 Oracle Identity Navigator

Oracle Identity Navigator is a web-based application that you access through a browser. You can use it to access consoles for Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Directory Services (ODSM), and other Oracle Identity Management services.

For details about integration with Oracle Access Manager, see Chapter 3, "Integrating with Oracle Identity Navigator".

1.3.2 Oracle Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation is a complete, enterprise-level and carrier-grade solution for secure identity information exchange between partners. Oracle Identity Federation protects existing IT investments by integrating with a wide variety of data stores, user directories, authentication providers and applications.

For details about integration with Oracle Access Manager, see Chapter 4, "Integrating Oracle Identity Federation".

1.3.3 Oracle Identity Manager

Oracle Identity Manager is a powerful and flexible enterprise identity management system that automatically manages users' access privileges within enterprise IT resources. Oracle Identity Manager is designed from the ground up to manage user access privileges across all of a firm's resources, throughout the entire identity management lifecycle—from initial creation of access privileges to dynamically adapting to changes in business requirements.

For details about integration with Oracle Access Manager, see Chapter 7, "Integrating Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, and Oracle Identity Manager".

1.3.4 Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager is Oracle Identity Management's solution for web access real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication security for the enterprise.

For details about integration with Oracle Access Manager, see:

1.4 System Requirements and Certification

Refer to the system requirements and certification documentation for information about hardware and software requirements, platforms, databases, and other information. Both of these documents are available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

The system requirements document covers information such as hardware and software requirements, minimum disk space and memory requirements, and required system libraries, packages, or patches:


The certification document covers supported installation types, platforms, operating systems, databases, JDKs, directory servers, and third-party products: