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Sun Storage Common Array Manager

Software Release Notes, Release 6.9.0


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Sun Storage Common Array Manager Software Release Notes

About the Software

How to Get the Software

What You Get with the Software

Licensing Optional Premium Features

What’s New in the CAM 6.9.0 Release


System Requirements

Supported Arrays

Supported Web Browsers

Best Practices for Browser Performance

Supported Languages


Supported Operating Systems


2500 Arrays Upgrade

2500 Array Support for VMware ESX 4.1 with Firmware and later

6540, 6140, and FLX380 Arrays Upgrade

J4000 Arrays

Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Notes

Supported Expansion Modules

Notable Fixes

Common Array Manager--GUI and CLI

Documentation Fixes

Known Issues

Array Issues

Configuration Issues

Documentation Issues

Firmware Update Issues

Installation and Upgrade Issues

Linux Issues

Solaris Issues

Windows Issues

Contacting Support