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Sun Storage Common Array Manager

Software Release Notes, Release 6.9.0 Update

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Document Information

1.  Sun Storage Common Array Manager Software Release Notes

What's New in This Update

How to Get the Software

For Product Information...

What You Get with the Software

Security Advisory

Licensing Optional Premium Features

90-day Evaluation Licenses

System Requirements

Supported Arrays

Supported Web Browsers

Best Practices for Browser Performance

Supported Languages


Supported Operating Systems



2500 Arrays Upgrade

2500 Array Support for VMware ESX 4.1 with Firmware and later

6540, 6140, and FLX380 Arrays Upgrade

J4000 Arrays

Sun Blade 6000 Disk Module

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Notes

Supported Expansion Modules

Notable Fixes

Known Issues

Array Issues

Create Snapshot fails using CLI

Controller Smart battery replacement procedure

Array loses communication during registration when IPV6 is enabled

Ancient I/O rebooting due to cache block size

AIX host type for 6140 arrays

Battery nears expiration: 06.xx write back cache should not be disabled

Both RAID controllers reboot after 828.5 days--2500/6000 arrays

Communication Loss reported from Windows and Linux when registering JBODs on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 proxy

Reboots occur due to ancient I/O being aborted in large configurations

Volume errorevShowVol output: Initialization: Not Completed

Configuration Issues

Reregister Auto Service Request for CAM

Auto Service Request advisory note: DTS Listener transfer

Array name remains unchanged after a full array reset

No email notification for critical and above events

Access Configuration: Cascaded J4400 issues

Access Configuration: Sun Storage 6Gb SAS HBA—OS hangs

Access Configuration fails with error: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to java.util.Properties

Access Configuration: non-zoned SAS2 wide port aggregation FRU Report display—F5100 + 6Gb/sec HBA

Array lock key must be set before configuration files are imported

ComponentInsertEvent not generated for disk drive inserted into J4200

Current Jobs page can take more than five minutes to display

Expander firmware 5.3.73 does not persist a SAS zone group

Replication status incorrect when primary volume fails

Service Advisor: replacing failed SIM with dual path configurations

Volumes not deleting from the Single Page window

Attempt to delete partner replication set on secondary array fails

Documentation Issues

Incorrect sscs add notification description in CLI guide

2500 Series Release Notes: Simplex vs. Duplex Configurations

Disk Locked description is inaccurate in online help

Firmware Update Issues

Firmware upgrade fails with error: FWR_UPGRADE_FAILURE,6 for J4200/J4400 arrays

Firmware upgrade fails on J4400 SATA drives

Firmware upgrade fails when expander and disks are upgraded together

Firmware upgrade not recognized by GUI until agent runs

Sun Blade 6000 firmware upgrade error: No such expander - 50800200006deabf SIGSEGV in Linux

Sun Blade 6000 firmware upgrade fails with down-level expander

Sun Blade 6250 and 6270—upgrading network expansion modules fails

Installation and Upgrade Issues

Error occurs when upgrading 2510 controller and drive firmware

Installation fails on SUSE 10.3 32-bit and 64-bit hosts

Premium Feature Issues

Performance Enhancer for 2500-M2

Enabling Try and Buy license using the CLI

Linux Issues

“Require-Stop” not working in SUSE11.1 innserv jexec init.d script

Logging in to CAM on SUSE11 using invalid password

Adding or removing SATA drives requires host boot

Sun Storage J4000 and F5100 Flash arrays—Linux hot plug issues

Solaris Issues

Solaris with Veritas DMP or other host type

Error—”no execute access to opt/SMgr/agent/”—occurs during system boot-up

UTM LUNs Controlled by “Solaris Traffic Manager” 6000/2500 arrays

Windows Issues

Add License error using the CLI

Support Data does not save using Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Servers

Contacting Support

Contacting Support

Contact Support at: