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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Design to Release Integration Pack for Agile PLM Product Lifecycle Management and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Implementation Guide
Release 11.1

Part Number E22282-03
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B Mapping Page 2 and Page 3 Attributes

You must insert a specific code to map Page 2 and Page 3 attributes.

B.1 Inserting Code to Map Page 2 and Page 3 Attributes

To map the Page 2 and Page 3 attributes, insert the following code into the AgileCreateEngineeringChangeOrderListABM_to_CreateEngineeringChangeOrderListEBM_Impl.xsl file:

<xsl:if test="./changeABO:AffectedItem/changeABO:TitleBlock/itemABO:Size">

<xsl:variable name="VarUOMCODE">

<xsl:value-of select="./changeABO:AffectedItem/changeABO:TitleBlock/itemABO:Size" />

</xsl:variable> <corecomEBO:BaseUOMCode>

<xsl:call-template name="lookupDVM">

xsl:with-param name="varDVMName" select="'ITEM_UOM_CODE'" />

< <xsl:with-param name="varSourceValueColumnName" select="'AGILE_01'" />

<xsl:with-param name="varSourceValue" select="$VarUOMCODE" />

<xsl:with-param name="varTargetValueColumnName" select="'COMMON'" />

</xsl:call-template> </corecomEBO:BaseUOMCode>



This sample code is applicable for the Unit of Measure. The variables names may be different from what is listed here. Use appropriate variable names.