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Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Design to Release Integration Pack for Agile PLM Product Lifecycle Management and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Implementation Guide
Release 11.1

Part Number E22282-03
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C Troubleshooting

This appendix lists a number of common issues and their solutions.

C.1 Resolving Common Issues

When creating an ECO, if the system displays the message, "The SQL Exception is: "javax.resource.ResourceException: RollbackException: Transaction has been marked for rollback: Timed out", perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

Solution: Increase the JTA timeout values from the FMW console.

To increase JTA timeout:

  1. Log in to the FMW admin console.

  2. Navigate to soa_domain > Services > JTA.

  3. Set the timeout value.

To increase syncMaxWaitTime:

  1. Log in to the FMW Oracle Enterprise Manager console.

  2. Expand SOA and right-click soa-infra.

  3. Select SOA Administration > BPEL Properties.

  4. Click the More BPEL Configuration Properties link and find syncMaxWaitTime.

  5. Change it to some higher value and save.

Issue: In ECO forward flow, after the ECO is processed successfully the transfer status attribute (flex) in the ECO in Agile PLM is not being updated.

Solution: Check that which flexfield attribute has been enabled corresponding to the change. Then, ensure that the same attribute has been configured in the AIAConfigurationProperties.xml for that property.

Issue: For the Item Cost update and Item Balance update flows, the attributes in Agile PLM are not getting updated.

Solution: First, check that whether the Multisite_Enabled property is set to True or False. Based on this given value, ensure that the Cost and Quantity attributes in AIAConfigurationProperties.xml are correctly set.

Issue: In Agile PLM ACS, the test for Destination fails with some error.

Solution: If the Agile PLM server and the FMW server are in different domains, then for the ACS to work, an entry should be made in the host file of the two servers.

For Example: aia06 - this would go in the FMW server's host file. - this would go in the Agile PLM server's host file.