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Oracle Insurance Insight (OII) 7.0.2 Documentation Set

OII 7.0.2 Installation Guide

This manual guides you through the steps for installing and configuring OII as well as its prerequisite software.

OII 7.0.2 Implementation Guide

This manual guides you through the planning and execution of an OII implementation.

OII 7.0.2 Warehouse Palette User Guide

This manual describes how to use the Warehouse Palette. The Warehouse Palette allows users to create a Line of Business (LOB) and configure the dimensions and associated attributes that make up the LOB.

OII 7.0.2 User Guide

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a data analysis tool that sits on top of the OII data model. Within the OBIEE interface is a set of dashboard reports, customized OII reports, and custom analytic queries based on the OII data. This manual describes how to create, run, and view reports and queries using this data.

OII 7.0.2 Administration Guide

This manual presents the information you will need to manage and perform system administration tasks for OII.

OII 7.0.2 Data Dictionary

This document contains the Data Dictionary for OII 7.0.2.

OII 7.0.2 Release Notes

This document describes the new features and issues resolved in OII 7.0.2.

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