2 Using the Oracle Identity Analytics User Interface

This chapter contains the following sections:

2.1 Logging In to Oracle Identity Analytics

To open the Oracle Identity Analytics user interface, you need a supported browser. For a list of supported browsers, see the "Compatibility Matrix" chapter in the Installation & Upgrade Guide for Oracle Identity Analytics.

2.1.1 To Log In to the User Interface

  1. Open the Oracle Identity Analytics login page by typing the URL into your browser, or by clicking the Oracle Identity Analytics icon (if available).

    The login page opens.

  2. Enter your user name and password.

    If your user name and password are accepted, the Oracle Identity Analytics home page opens.

2.2 Using the Oracle Identity Analytics User Interface Menu

The Oracle Identity Analytics user interface features two menus:

  • The "Home" menu in the top-right corner of the screen provides Home, Logout, Help, and About links

  • The main application menu organizes the interface into multiple modules, including My Settings, My Requests, Identity Warehouse, Identity Certification, and so on.

The following table describes the menu links in the top-right corner of the screen.

Table 2-1 The Links in the "Home" Menu

Link Description


Click to view a dashboard that summarizes whether you have any requests or identity certifications to approve, complete, or dismiss. This screen is displayed upon logging in to Oracle Identity Analytics. For help, including information on how to open the Home page, see Chapter 3, "The Home Page."


Click to log out of Oracle Identity Analytics.


Click to open a window that contains Oracle Identity Analytics help topics. The information available from the Help menu is the same information available in the Oracle Identity Analytics User's Guide.


Click to open a window that contains the version number for your installation of Oracle Identity Analytics.

The following table describes the top-level tabs that are available in the main application menu. Most modules have a secondary row of tabs (or views) that further organize Oracle Identity Analytics functionality. Depending on your role and entitlements, only some tabs may be visible to you.

Table 2-2 The Tabs in the Main Menu

Tab Description

My Settings

Click to view information about your Oracle Identity Analytics account, including your name, password, and e-mail address, as well as information about your proxy assignments. Proxy assignments enable you to delegate certifications to another user while you are away from the office.

My Requests

Click to view and either approve or reject pending requests, such as role change requests and membership change requests. You can also view completed requests on a separate subtab.

Identity Warehouse

Click to create, view, and manage business structures, users, roles, policies, and resources.

Identity Certification

Click to view the certification dashboard. Additional tabs allow you to create, view, search, manage, and complete certifications. Identity certifications are conducted periodically to verify that users have access only to the proper entitlements on the assigned systems.

Role Management

Click to perform role mining and identity correlation tasks, including role discovery, role consolidation, entitlements discovery, and rules-for-role-assignments discovery. This module is primarily intended for use by administrators.

Identity Audit

Click to create audit rules and audit policies, and to scan for audit violations.


Click to access various reports, including business unit reports, system reports, audit reports, and custom reports.


Click to configure and maintain Oracle Identity Analytics. This module is primarily intended for use by administrators.