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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference


Class SegmentedConcurrentMap.ConditionalRemoveAction

  extended by com.tangosol.util.SegmentedHashMap.EntryActionAdapter
      extended by com.tangosol.util.SegmentedHashMap.RemoveAction
          extended by com.tangosol.util.SegmentedConcurrentMap.ConditionalRemoveAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
SegmentedHashMap.EntryAction, SegmentedHashMap.IterableEntryAction
Enclosing class:

protected class SegmentedConcurrentMap.ConditionalRemoveAction
extends SegmentedHashMap.RemoveAction

Action support for a conditional remove(). The action performs a logical locked remove if the entry is currently mapped to the assumed value, and is expected to run while holding the segment-lock for the specified key. If the Entry corresponding to the specified key is still necessary in the map (e.g. for representing a lock state), the Entry may not be physically removed, but rather converted to be synthetic.

The context object for a ConditionalRemoveAction is the assumed associated value.

The result of invoking a ConditionalRemoveAction is the previous value associated with the specified key if it is successfully removed, or NO_VALUE if the key is not mapped to the assumed value. Note that a synthetic Entry does not represent a key-value mapping, so NO_VALUE is returned if a matching synthetic Entry is found.

Constructor Summary
protected SegmentedConcurrentMap.ConditionalRemoveAction()


Method Summary
 java.lang.Object invokeFound(java.lang.Object oKey, java.lang.Object oContext, SegmentedHashMap.Entry[] aeBucket, int nBucket, SegmentedHashMap.Entry entryPrev, SegmentedHashMap.Entry entryCur)
          Invoke some action, holding the segment lock, when a matching Entry is found.


Methods inherited from class com.tangosol.util.SegmentedHashMap.EntryActionAdapter
invokeNotFound, isComplete


Constructor Detail


protected SegmentedConcurrentMap.ConditionalRemoveAction()

Method Detail


public java.lang.Object invokeFound(java.lang.Object oKey,
                                    java.lang.Object oContext,
                                    SegmentedHashMap.Entry[] aeBucket,
                                    int nBucket,
                                    SegmentedHashMap.Entry entryPrev,
                                    SegmentedHashMap.Entry entryCur)
Invoke some action, holding the segment lock, when a matching Entry is found.
Specified by:
invokeFound in interface SegmentedHashMap.EntryAction
invokeFound in class SegmentedHashMap.RemoveAction
oKey - the key to which the action is applied
oContext - opaque context specific to the action
aeBucket - the bucket array
nBucket - the index into the bucket array
entryPrev - the Entry object immediately preceding the Entry that was found, or null
entryCur - the Entry object that was found
an opaque result value

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Oracle® Coherence Java API Reference


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