Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle WebLogic Server API Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1.1)

Part Number E24391-02

Constant Field Values


public static final String PUBSUBSERVER_FACTORY "com.bea.httppubsub.PubSubServerFactory"

public static final int ALERT_INT 1060
public static final int CRITICAL_INT 1030
public static final int DEBUG_INT 495
public static final int EMERGENCY_INT 1090
public static final int ERROR_INT 980
public static final int NOTICE_INT 880
public static final int OFF_INT 2147483647
public static final int TRACE_INT 295
public static final String ATTR_NAME_FORMAT_BASIC "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String ATTR_NAME_FORMAT_BASIC "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAME "Groups"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAMEFORMAT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAMESPACE "urn:bea:security:saml2:groups"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_ENTITY "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:entity"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_KERBEROS "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:kerberos"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_PERSISTENT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_TRANSIENT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:transient"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified"
public static final String HTTP_ARTIFACT_BINDING "HTTP/Artifact"
public static final String HTTP_ARTIFACT_URN "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-Artifact"
public static final String HTTP_POST_BINDING "HTTP/POST"
public static final String HTTP_POST_URN "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-POST"
public static final String HTTP_REDIRECT_BINDING "HTTP/Redirect"
public static final String HTTP_REDIRECT_URN "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:HTTP-Redirect"
public static final String SOAP_BINDING "SOAP"
public static final String SOAP_HTTP_URN "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:bindings:SOAP"
public static final String ASSERTION_TYPE_BEARER "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:bearer"
public static final String ASSERTION_TYPE_HOLDER_OF_KEY "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:holder-of-key"
public static final String ASSERTION_TYPE_SENDER_VOUCHES "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:sender-vouches"


public static final long IMMEDIATE 0L
public static final long INDEFINITE 9223372036854775807L*
public static final int WORK_ACCEPTED 1
public static final int WORK_COMPLETED 4
public static final int WORK_REJECTED 2
public static final int WORK_STARTED 3
public static final long IMMEDIATE 0L
public static final long INDEFINITE 9223372036854775807L


public static final String HTMLPublicId "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN"
public static final String HTMLSystemId ""
public static final String XHTMLPublicId "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
public static final String XHTMLSystemId ""

public static final String XHTMLNamespace ""

public static final String Macintosh "\r"
public static final String Unix "\n"
public static final String Web "\n"
public static final String Windows "\r\n"

public static final String FOP "fop"
public static final String HTML "html"
public static final String TEXT "text"
public static final String XHTML "xhtml"
public static final String XML "xml"

public static final String Encoding "UTF-8"
public static final int Indent 4
public static final int LineWidth 72

public static final String HTMLPublicId "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN"
public static final String HTMLSystemId ""
public static final String XHTMLPublicId "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
public static final String XHTMLSystemId ""

public static final String FactoriesProperty "weblogic.apache.xml.serialize.factories"

protected static final boolean DEBUG false
protected static final String PREFIX "NS"


public static final long MAX_CACHED_SIZE 64000L


public static final String DELIMITER "."
public static final String DIVIDER "/"
public static final String FAILED "WLS_FAILED_SERVICE"

public static final int FAILED 2
public static final int IN_PROGRESS 1
public static final int SUCCEEDED 0

public static final String LEASE_NAME "dummyLease"
public static final int LEASE_TIMEOUT 15
public static final String MACHINE_TABLE_NAME "dummyMachineTable"
public static final String TABLE_NAME "dummyTable"

public static final String BASIS_NAME "ReplicatedLeasingBasis"

public static final String JNDI_NAME "weblogic/cluster/singleton/SingletonMonitorRemote"

public static final String DEFAULT_STATE_MANAGER "default-singleton-statemanager"
public static final int FAILED_STATE 0
public static final int MANUAL_STATE 4
public static final int MIGRATABLE_STATE 1
public static final int NON_MIGRATABLE_STATE 2
public static final int SHUTDOWN_STATE 3

public static final String JNDI_NAME "weblogic.cluster.singleton.SingletonServicesStateManager"
public static final String SENDER_PARAM "Sender"
public static final String STATE_PARAM "SvcState"
public static final int STORE_STATE 1001
public static final String SVCNAME_PARAM "SvcName"


public static final String AUTHENTICATOR_PROPERTY ""

public static final int DISCONNECT_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT -2
public static final int DISCONNECT_TIMEOUT_NEVER -1
public static final int INVALID_CALLBACK_ID -1

public static final String NAME "weblogic.common.T3Services"


public static final int ALL 7
public static final int INBOUND 1
public static final int OUTBOUND 2
public static final int RESUME 2
public static final int SUSPEND 1
public static final int WORK 4


public static final int ANY 5
public static final int CHANGABLE 3
public static final int CONFIGURABLE 2
public static final int DECLARATION 1
public static final int DEPENDENCY 0
public static final int DYNAMIC 4

public static final boolean ADMIN_ACCESS true
public static final int CLUSTER_DEPLOYMENT_TIMEOUT 3600000
public static final String EXTERNAL_STAGE "external_stage"
public static final boolean FULL_ACCESS false
public static final String NOSTAGE "nostage"
public static final String STAGE "stage"

public static final int CHANGABLE 3
public static final int CONFIGURABLE 2
public static final int DECLARATION 1
public static final int DEPENDENCY 0
public static final int DYNAMIC 4

public static final String DEFAULT_APPNAME "MyApp"

public static final String AUTH_DM_URI "authenticated:deployer:WebLogic"
public static final int AUTH_URI_INDEX 2
public static final String DEFAULT_HOST "localhost"
public static final int DEFAULT_PORT 7001
public static final String DEFAULT_PORT_STRING "7001"
public static final String DEFAULT_PROTOCOL "t3"
public static final String DEFAULT_URL "t3://localhost:7001"
public static final String LOCAL_DM_URI "deployer:WebLogic"
public static final int LOCAL_URI_INDEX 0
public static final String REMOTE_DM_URI "remote:deployer:WebLogic"
public static final int REMOTE_URI_INDEX 1

public static final int ACTIVE 2
public static final int ACTIVE_ADMIN 1
public static final int INACTIVE 0


public static final byte ADDR1 0
public static final byte ADDR2 1
public static final byte ADDR3 2
public static final byte ADDR4 3
public static final byte CONNECTOR1 27
public static final byte CONNECTOR2 28
public static final byte CONNECTOR3 29
public static final byte CONNECTOR4 30
public static final byte COOKIE1 8
public static final byte COOKIE2 9
public static final byte COOKIE3 10
public static final byte COOKIE4 11
public static final byte DYE_0 56
public static final byte DYE_1 57
public static final byte DYE_2 58
public static final byte DYE_3 59
public static final byte DYE_4 60
public static final byte DYE_5 61
public static final byte DYE_6 62
public static final byte DYE_7 63
public static final byte PROTOCOL_HTTP 21
public static final byte PROTOCOL_IIOP 24
public static final byte PROTOCOL_JRMP 25
public static final byte PROTOCOL_RMI 22
public static final byte PROTOCOL_SSL 26
public static final byte PROTOCOL_T3 20
public static final byte THROTTLE 32
public static final byte USER1 4
public static final byte USER2 5
public static final byte USER3 6
public static final byte USER4 7
public static final String GLOBAL_JMX_NOTIFICATION_PRODUCER_NAME "DiagnosticsJMXNotificationSource"


public static final short TX_MANDATORY 4
public static final short TX_REQUIRED 1
public static final short TX_REQUIRES_NEW 3

public static final String GROUP_NAME "GROUP_NAME"
public static final String ISOLATION_LEVEL "ISOLATION_LEVEL"
public static final int NONE 4
public static final int READ_COMMITTED 3
public static final int READ_COMMITTED_FOR_UPDATE 6
public static final int READ_UNCOMMITTED 5
public static final int REPEATABLE_READ 2
public static final int SERIALIZABLE 1

public static final int DISABLE_TIMER_ACTION 2
public static final int REMOVE_TIMER_ACTION 1
public static final int SKIP_TIMEOUT_ACTION 3*
public static final int HEALTH_CRITICAL 2
public static final int HEALTH_FAILED 3
public static final int HEALTH_OK 0
public static final int HEALTH_OVERLOADED 4
public static final int HEALTH_WARN 1
public static final String LOW_MEMORY_REASON "server is low on memory"


public static final String ACTION "action"
public static final String CAUSE "cause"
public static final String DIAGNOSTIC_VOLUME "diagnosticvolume"
public static final String I18N_PACKAGE "I18nPackage"
public static final String L10N_PACKAGE "L10nPackage"
public static final String MESSAGE_BODY "messagebody"
public static final String MESSAGE_DETAIL "messagedetail"
public static final String PREFIX "prefix"
public static final String PREFIX_DELIM "-"
public static final String SEVERITY "severity"
public static final String STACKTRACE "stack"
public static final String SUBSYSTEM "subsystem"
public static final String VERSION "version"

public static final int ALERT 2
public static final String ALERT_TEXT "Alert"
public static final int CRITICAL 4
public static final String CRITICAL_TEXT "Critical"
public static final int DEBUG 128
public static final String DEBUG_TEXT "Debug"
public static final int EMERGENCY 1
public static final String EMERGENCY_TEXT "Emergency"
public static final int ERROR 8
public static final String ERROR_TEXT "Error"
public static final int INFO 64
public static final String INFO_TEXT "Info"
public static final int NOTICE 32
public static final String NOTICE_TEXT "Notice"
public static final int OFF 0
public static final String OFF_TEXT "Off"
public static final int TRACE 256
public static final String TRACE_TEXT "Trace"
public static final int WARNING 16
public static final String WARNING_TEXT "Warning"


public static final int DONOT_FAILOVER 2
public static final int OK 0
public static final int OPCODE_CURR_POOL_BUSY 1
public static final int OPCODE_CURR_POOL_DEAD 0
public static final int OPCODE_REENABLE_CURR_POOL 2
public static final int RETRY_CURRENT 1

public static final String INTERFACE_NAME "weblogic.jdbc.extensions.DriverInterceptor"

public static final int TYPE_ALL 255
public static final String TYPE_ALL_STR "WEBLOGIC.JDBC.ALL"
public static final int TYPE_CONN_LAST_USAGE 64
public static final int TYPE_CONN_LEAK 4
public static final int TYPE_CONN_MT_USAGE 128
public static final int TYPE_CONN_RESV_FAIL 8
public static final int TYPE_CONN_RESV_WAIT 2
public static final int TYPE_CONN_USAGE 1
public static final int TYPE_NONE 0
public static final String TYPE_NONE_STR "WEBLOGIC.JDBC.NONE"
public static final int TYPE_STMT_CACHE_ENTRY 16
public static final int TYPE_STMT_USAGE 32

public static final int ALL_ROWS 32
public static final int CHANGED_ALL 16
public static final int CHANGED_CURRENT 2
public static final int CHANGED_ORIGINAL 4
public static final int CURRENT_ALL 8
public static final int UNCHANGED_CURRENT 1

public static final int VERIFY_AUTO_VERSION_COLUMNS 5
public static final int VERIFY_MODIFIED_COLUMNS 2
public static final int VERIFY_NONE 4
public static final int VERIFY_READ_COLUMNS 1
public static final int VERIFY_SELECTED_COLUMNS 3
public static final int VERIFY_VERSION_COLUMNS 6


public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_DD_QUEUE 4
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_FOREIGN_QUEUE 2
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_FOREIGN_TOPIC 3
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_PARTITIONED_DT 6
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_PHYSICAL_QUEUE 0
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_PHYSICAL_TOPIC 1
public static final int DESTINATION_TYPE_REPLICATED_DT 5

public static final int KEEP_NEW 1
public static final int KEEP_OLD 0
public static final int MULTICAST_NO_ACKNOWLEDGE 128
public static final int NO_ACKNOWLEDGE 4


public static final String DEFAULT_INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory"
public static final String LOCAL_URL_PROTOCOL "t3"

public static final String DEFAULT_INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory"

public static final String ALLOW_EXTERNAL_APP_LOOKUP "weblogic.jndi.allowExternalAppLookup"
public static final String ALLOW_GLOBAL_RESOURCE_LOOKUP "weblogic.jndi.allowGlobalResourceLookup"
public static final String CREATE_INTERMEDIATE_CONTEXTS "weblogic.jndi.createIntermediateContexts"
public static final String DELEGATE_ENVIRONMENT "weblogic.jndi.delegate.environment"
public static final String ENABLE_DEFAULT_USER "weblogic.jndi.enableDefaultUser"
public static final String ENABLE_SERVER_AFFINITY "weblogic.jndi.enableServerAffinity"
public static final String PIN_TO_PRIMARY_SERVER "weblogic.jndi.pinToPrimaryServer"
public static final String PROVIDER_RJVM "weblogic.jndi.provider.rjvm"
public static final String RELAX_VERSION_LOOKUP "weblogic.jndi.relaxVersionLookup"
public static final String REPLICATE_BINDINGS "weblogic.jndi.replicateBindings"
public static final String REQUEST_TIMEOUT "weblogic.jndi.requestTimeout"
public static final String SSL_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE "weblogic.jndi.ssl.client.certificate"
public static final String SSL_CLIENT_KEY_PASSWORD "weblogic.jndi.ssl.client.key_password"
public static final String SSL_ROOT_CA_FINGERPRINTS ""
public static final String SSL_SERVER_NAME ""


public static final String ID ""

public static final String ID ""

public static final String ID ""

public static final String ROLLBACK_ON_CHECKED_EXCEPTION "weblogic.jws.wlw.rollback_on_checked_exception"


public static final String FIELD_PREFIX "<"
public static final String FIELD_SUFFIX "> "

public static final String BEGIN_MARKER "####"

public static final String LOG_FILE_APPENDER "WLLog4jRotatingFileAppender"
public static final String STDOUT_APPENDER "WLLog4jConsoleAppender"

public static final int ALERT_INT 46000
public static final int CRITICAL_INT 44000
public static final int EMERGENCY_INT 48000
public static final int NOTICE_INT 25000
public static final int TRACE_INT 5000*
public static final String ACTIVATED "activated"
public static final String ACTIVATING "activating"
public static final String DEACTIVATED "deactivated"
public static final String DEACTIVATING "deactivating"
public static final String DISTRIBUTED "distributed"
public static final String DISTRIBUTING "distributing"
public static final String FAILED "failed"
public static final String PREPARED "prepared"
public static final String PREPARING "preparing"
public static final String STATE_ACTIVE "active"
public static final String STATE_PREPARED "prepared"
public static final String STATE_START "start"
public static final String STATE_UNPREPARED "unprepared"
public static final String TRANSITION_BEGIN "begin"
public static final String TRANSITION_END "end"
public static final String TRANSITION_FAILED "failed"
public static final String TYPE_APPLICATION "weblogic.deployment.application"
public static final String TYPE_MODULE "weblogic.deployment.application.module"
public static final String UNPREPARED "unprepared"
public static final String UNPREPARING "unpreparing"
public static final String ADMIN_JNDI_NAME ""
public static final String JNDI_NAME ""
public static final String LOCAL_JNDI_NAME ""
public static final String JNDI_NAME ""
public static final int AVAILABILITY_STATUS_AVAILABLE 1
public static final int DEPLOYMENT_STATUS_AVAILABLE 1
public static final int DEPLOYMENT_STATUS_NOTAVAILABLE 0
public static final int TARGET_TYPE_CLUSTER 2
public static final int TARGET_TYPE_SERVER 1
public static final int TARGET_TYPE_VIRTUALHOST 3
public static final int CLUSTER 1
public static final int JMSSERVER 4
public static final int SAFAGENT 5
public static final int SERVER 2
public static final String STANDALONE_MODULE "_the_standalone_module"
public static final int UNKNOWN 0
public static final int VIRTUALHOST 3
public static final int STATE_FAILED 2
public static final int STATE_IN_PROGRESS 1
public static final int STATE_INIT 0
public static final int STATE_SUCCESS 3
public static final int STATE_UNAVAILABLE 4
public static final int TYPE_CLUSTER 2
public static final int TYPE_JMS_SERVER 3
public static final int TYPE_SAF_AGENT 5
public static final int TYPE_SERVER 1
public static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int TYPE_VIRTUAL_HOST 4
public static final String ENABLE_SCRIPT_MODE "enableScriptMode"
public static final String SKIP_WLS_MODULE_SCANNING "skipWLSModuleScanning"


public static final String RMI_NAMING_JNDI_HOME "weblogic.rmi"
public static final String RMI_NAMING_JNDI_PATH "weblogic.rmi/"

public static final String JNDI_NAME "weblogic.DisconnectMonitor"*
public static final String RESOURCE_TYPE "ResourceType"
public static final String LOCKSERVER "lockServer"
public static final String SHUTDOWN "shutdown"
public static final String UNLOCKSERVER "unlockServer"
public static final int LIFETIME_DEFAULT_SEC 300
public static final String name "weblogic/security/SecurityManager"
public static final String ATTR_NAME_FORMAT_BASIC "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAME "Groups"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAMEFORMAT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String BEA_GROUP_ATTR_NAMESPACE "urn:bea:security:saml:groups"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_EMAIL_ADDR "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_ENTITY "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:entity"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_KERBEROS "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:kerberos"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_PERSISTENT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:persistent"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_TRANSIENT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:transient"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_WINDOWS_DQN "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:WindowsDomainQualifiedName"
public static final String NAME_FORMAT_X500_SUBJECT "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:X509SubjectName"
public static final String CREATE "create"
public static final String FIND "find"
public static final String GET "get"
public static final String GET_ENCRYPTED "getEncrypted"
public static final String INVOKE "invoke"
public static final String SET "set"
public static final String SET_ENCRYPTED "setEncrypted"
public static final String UNREGISTER "unregister"
public static final String CREATE_EVENT "Create Configuration Audit Event"
public static final String DELETE_EVENT "Delete Configuration Audit Event"
public static final String INVOKE_EVENT "Invoke Configuration Audit Event"
public static final String SETATTRIBUTE_EVENT "SetAttribute Configuration Audit Event"
public static final String USER_PASSWORD_TYPE "weblogic.UserPassword"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_1510 "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ1510"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_4120 "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ4120"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_1510 "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ1510"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_4120 "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ4120"
public static final String PASSWORD_TYPE "weblogic.Password"
public static final String PKI_KEY_PAIR_TYPE "weblogic.pki.Keypair"
public static final String PKI_TRUSTED_CERTIFICATE_TYPE "weblogic.pki.TrustedCertificate"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_B64_TYPE "SAML.Assertion64"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_DOM_TYPE "SAML.Assertion.DOM"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_TYPE "SAML.Assertion"
public static final String SAML2_ASSERTION_DOM_TYPE "SAML2.Assertion.DOM"
public static final String SAML2_ASSERTION_TYPE "SAML2.Assertion"
public static final String SPNEGO_TOKEN_TYPE "com.bea.SPNEGO.token"
public static final String USER_PASSWORD_TYPE "weblogic.UserPassword"
public static final String AU_TYPE "AuthenticatedUser"
public static final String AUTHORIZATION_NEGOTIATE "Authorization.Negotiate"
public static final String CSI_ANONYMOUS_TYPE "CSI.ITTAnonymous"
public static final String CSI_DISTINGUISHED_NAME_TYPE "CSI.DistinguishedName"
public static final String CSI_PRINCIPAL_TYPE "CSI.PrincipalName"
public static final String CSI_X509_CERTCHAIN_TYPE "CSI.X509CertChain"
public static final String WSSE_PASSWORD_DIGEST_TYPE "wsse:PasswordDigest"
public static final String WWW_AUTHENTICATE_NEGOTIATE "WWW-Authenticate.Negotiate"
public static final String X509_TYPE "X.509"
public static final String AU_TYPE "AuthenticatedUser"
public static final String AUTHORIZATION_NEGOTIATE "Authorization.Negotiate"
public static final String CSI_ANONYMOUS_TYPE "CSI.ITTAnonymous"
public static final String CSI_DISTINGUISHED_NAME_TYPE "CSI.DistinguishedName"
public static final String CSI_PRINCIPAL_TYPE "CSI.PrincipalName"
public static final String CSI_X509_CERTCHAIN_TYPE "CSI.X509CertChain"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_1510 "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ1510"
public static final String GSS_KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_4120 "GSS_Kerberosv5_AP_REQ4120"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_1510 "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ1510"
public static final String KERBEROS_V5_AP_REQ_4120 "Kerberosv5_AP_REQ4120"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_B64_TYPE "SAML.Assertion64"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_DOM_TYPE "SAML.Assertion.DOM"
public static final String SAML_ASSERTION_TYPE "SAML.Assertion"
public static final String SAML2_ASSERTION_DOM_TYPE "SAML2.Assertion.DOM"
public static final String SAML2_ASSERTION_TYPE "SAML2.Assertion"
public static final String WSSE_PASSWORD_DIGEST_TYPE "wsse:PasswordDigest"
public static final String WWW_AUTHENTICATE_NEGOTIATE "WWW-Authenticate.Negotiate"
public static final String X509_TYPE "X.509"
public static final int ABSTAIN_VALUE 1
public static final int DENY_VALUE 2
public static final int PERMIT_VALUE 3
public static final int LIST_FIELD_TYPE 3
public static final int NORMAL_FIELD_TYPE 1
public static final int PATH_FIELD_TYPE 2
public static final int UNDEFINED_FIELD_TYPE 0
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_INCOMPLETE 4
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_INVALID 1
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_UNTRUSTED 16
public static final int ERR_CERT_EXPIRED 2
public static final int ERR_NONE 0
public static final int ERR_SIGNATURE_INVALID 8
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_INCOMPLETE 4
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_INVALID 1
public static final int ERR_CERT_CHAIN_UNTRUSTED 16
public static final int ERR_CERT_EXPIRED 2
public static final int ERR_NONE 0
public static final int ERR_SIGNATURE_INVALID 8


public static final int DEFAULT_SCAVANGE_INTERVAL 40000
public static final int DEFAULT_TIMEOUT 40000
public static final String TARGET_URL "weblogic.formauth.targeturl"
public static final int AUTHENTICATED 0
public static final int FAILED_AUTHENTICATION 1
public static final int NEEDS_CREDENTIALS 2


public static final String TRANSACTION_COMPLETION_TIMEOUT_SECONDS_PROPERTY_KEY "completion-timeout-seconds"
public static final String TRANSACTION_NAME_PROPERTY_KEY ""

public static final String ASYNC_TIMEOUT_DELIST "weblogic.transaction.registration.asynctimeoutdelist"
public static final String CALL_SET_DELIST_TMSUCCESS_ALWAYS "weblogic.transaction.registration.setdelistTMSUCCESSAlways"
public static final String CALL_SET_TRANSACTION_TIMEOUT "weblogic.transaction.registration.settransactiontimeout"
public static final String ENLISTMENT_DYNAMIC "dynamic"
public static final String ENLISTMENT_STANDARD "standard"
public static final String ENLISTMENT_STATIC "static"
public static final String ENLISTMENT_TYPE "weblogic.transaction.registration.type"
public static final String INTERLEAVING_ENLISTMENTS "weblogic.transaction.registration.interleaving"
public static final String LOCAL_ASSIGNMENT_OF_REMOTE_RESOURCES "weblogic.transaction.registration.localassignment"
public static final String RECOVER_RETRY_DURATION_SECONDS "weblogic.transaction.registration.recoverRetryDurationSeconds"
public static final String RECOVER_RETRY_INTERVAL_SECONDS "weblogic.transaction.registration.recoverRetryIntervalSeconds"
public static final String THREAD_AFFINITY "weblogic.transaction.registration.threadAffinity"

public static final int XAER_RMRETRY 200


public static final int DEFAULT 212
public static final int GLOBAL 212
public static final int JMS_QUEUE 16
public static final int JMS_TOPIC 32
public static final int LOCAL 1
public static final int MIME_HEADER 128
public static final int ONEWAY 256
public static final int RMI 4
public static final int SOAP 64
public static final int TRANSACTION 8
public static final int WORK 2


public static final String ASYNC_RESPONSE_SERVICE_CONTEXT_PATH "weblogic.async.contextPath"
public static final String ASYNC_RESPONSE_SERVICE_SERVICE_URI "weblogic.async.serviceUri"
public static final String SOAP12_ENVELOPE_NS ""

public static final String USE_JDK_SSL_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.client.ssl.usejdk"

public static final String RELAXED_CHECKING_DEFAULT "weblogic.wsee.client.ssl.relaxedtrustmanager"
public static final String STRICT_CHECKING_DEFAULT "weblogic.wsee.client.ssl.stricthostchecking"

public static final String PEM_PREAMBLE_STRING "-----BEGIN "

public static final String JNDI_FACTORY "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory"

public static final String CONVERSATION_ID "conversationId"
public static final String SERVER_NAME "serverName"

public static final String SOAP_DISPATCH_INITIATED_OPERATION_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.jaxrpc.SoapDispatchInitiatedOperation"

public static final String ACTION "weblogic.wsee.addressing.Action"
public static final String CHARACTER_SET_ENCODING "weblogic.wsee.client.xmlcharset"
public static final String CHECKING_SCT_EXPIRATION ""
public static final String COMPLEX "weblogic.wsee.complex"
public static final String CONVERSATION_ID "weblogic.wsee.conversation.ConversationId"
public static final String CONVERSATION_VERSION_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.conversation.ConversationVersion"
public static final String CONVERSATIONAL_METHOD_BLOCK_TIMEOUT "weblogic.wsee.conversation.method.block.timeout"
public static final String ENFORCE_ASYNC_TRUST_EXCHANGE ""
public static final String FORCE_DOTNET_COMPATIBLE_BINDING "weblogic.wsee.dotnet.compatible.binding"
public static final String HANDLER_REGISTRY "weblogic.wsee.handler.registry"
public static final String JMS_BYTESMESSAGE "BytesMessage"
public static final String JMS_TEXTMESSAGE "TextMessage"
public static final String JMS_TRANSPORT_JNDI_URL "weblogic.wsee.transport.jms.url"
public static final String JMS_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_TYPE "weblogic.wsee.transport.jms.messagetype"
public static final String LAX_CHECKING_SCT_EXPIRATION "laxCheckingSCTExpiration"
public static final String MARSHAL_FORCE_INCLUDE_XSI_TYPE "weblogic.wsee.marshal.forceIncludeXsiType"
public static final String MARSHAL_FORCE_ORACLE1012_COMPATIBLE "weblogic.wsee.marshal.forceOracle1012CompatibleMarshal"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_METRO "metro"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_MSFT "msft"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_ORDERING_PREFERENCE "weblogic.wsee.policy.compat.ordering.preference"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_PREFERENCE "weblogic.wsee.policy.compat.preference"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_WSSC13 "wssc1.3"
public static final String POLICY_COMPATIBILITY_WSSC14 "wssc1.4"
public static final String POLICY_PREFERENCE_COMPATIBILITY "C"
public static final String POLICY_PREFERENCE_PERFORMANCE "P"
public static final String POLICY_PREFERENCE_SECURITY "S"
public static final String POLICY_SELECTION_PREFERENCE "weblogic.wsee.policy.selection.preference"
public static final String PREFERENCE_DEFAULT "NONE"
public static final String PREFERENCE_MSFT_WSSC13_WSSC14 "msft_wssc1.3_wssc1.4"
public static final String PREFERENCE_MSFT_WSSC14_WSSC13 "msft_wssc1.4_wssc1.3"
public static final String PREFERENCE_WSSC13_MSFT_WSSC14 "wssc1.3_msft_wssc1.4"
public static final String PREFERENCE_WSSC13_WSSC14_MSFT "wssc1.3_wssc1.4_msft"
public static final String PREFERENCE_WSSC14_MSFT_WSSC13 "wssc1.4_msft_wssc1.3"
public static final String PREFERENCE_WSSC14_WSSC13_MSFT "wssc1.4_wssc1.3_msft"
public static final String PROACTIVE_SCT_RENEWAL ""
public static final String PROXY_PASSWORD "weblogic.webservice.client.proxypassword"
public static final String PROXY_USERNAME "weblogic.webservice.client.proxyusername"
public static final String SAML_ATTRIBUTE_ONLY "oracle.contextelement.saml2.AttributeOnly"
public static final String SAML_ATTRIBUTES ""
public static final String SERVER_ENCRYPT_CERT ""
public static final String SERVER_VERIFY_CERT ""
public static final String SSL_ADAPTER "weblogic.wsee.client.ssladapter"
public static final String STRICT_CHECKING_SCT_EXPIRATION "strictCheckingSCTExpiration"
public static final String STS_ENCRYPT_CERT ""
public static final String TOLERANT_CHECKING_SCT_EXPIRATION "tolerantCheckingSCTExpiration"
public static final String TRANSPORT_SUBJECT_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.subject"
public static final String USE_WSADDRESSING "weblogic.wsee.addressing.version"
public static final String VALIDATE_WEBSERVICE_RESPONSE "weblogic.wsee.client.validate_response"
public static final String WSRM_ACKSTO_ANONYMOUS "weblogic.wsee.ackstoanon"
public static final String WSRM_LAST_MESSAGE "weblogic.wsee.lastmessage"
public static final String WSRM_OFFER_SEQUENCE_EXPIRATION "weblogic.wsee.wsrm.offer.sequence.expiration"
public static final String WSRM_SEQUENCE_EXPIRATION "weblogic.wsee.wsrm.sequence.expiration"
public static final String WSS_SUBJECT_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.wss.subject"
public static final String WST_STS_ENDPOINT_ON_SAML "weblogic.wsee.wst.saml.sts_endpoint_uri"
public static final String WST_STS_ENDPOINT_ON_WSSC "weblogic.wsee.wst.sts_endpoint_uri"

public static final String ID ""

public static final long serialVersionUID 1L

public static final int ID_HTTP_GET 1
public static final int ID_HTTP_POST 2
public static final int ID_HTTP_SOAP 3
public static final int ID_HTTP_SOAP12 4
public static final int ID_HTTP_XML 5
public static final int ID_JMS_SOAP 6
public static final int ID_JMS_SOAP12 7
public static final int ID_JMS_XML 8
public static final int SCHEME_HTTP 1
public static final int SCHEME_JAVA 0
public static final int SCHEME_JMS 2

public static final String DEFAULT_DELAY "5 seconds"

public static final int SCHEME_DEFAULT 0
public static final int SCHEME_FILE 5
public static final int SCHEME_FTP 4
public static final int SCHEME_HTTP 1
public static final int SCHEME_JMS 2
public static final int SCHEME_SMTP 3

public static final int FAULT_SOAP11 1
public static final int FAULT_SOAP12 2
public static final int FAULT_UNKNOWN 0

public static final int FAULT_SOAP11 1
public static final int FAULT_SOAP12 2
public static final int FAULT_UNKNOWN 0
public static final String SERVER_ENCRYPT_CERT ""
public static final String SERVER_VERIFY_CERT ""
public static final String BEARER "bearer"
public static final String CONFIRMATION_METHOD "ConfirmationMethod"
public static final String HOLDER_OF_KEY "holder-of-key"
public static final String SAML_TOKEN10_URI ""
public static final String SAML_TOKEN11_URI ""
public static final String SAML_VERSION_11 "1.1"
public static final String SAML_VERSION_20 "2.0"
public static final String SAML10_BEARER "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:bearer"
public static final String SAML10_HOLDER_OF_KEY "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:holder-of-key"
public static final String SAML10_SENDER_VOUCHES "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:sender-vouches"
public static final String SAML10_TOKEN_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML10_VALUE_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML10CM "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:"
public static final String SAML11 "SAMLV1.1"
public static final String SAML11_TOKEN_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML11_VALUE_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML2_NS "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion"
public static final String SAML2_PREFIX "saml2"
public static final String SAML20 "SAMLV2.0"
public static final String SAML20_BEARER "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:bearer"
public static final String SAML20_HOLDER_OF_KEY "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:holder-of-key"
public static final String SAML20_SENDER_VOUCHES "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:sender-vouches"
public static final String SAML20_TOKEN_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML20CM "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:cm:"
public static final String SENDER_VOUCHES "sender-vouches"
public static final String WSS_SAML11_TOKEN10 "WssSamlV11Token10"
public static final String WSS_SAML11_TOKEN11 "WssSamlV11Token11"
public static final String WSS_SAML20_TOKEN11 "WssSamlV20Token11"
public static final String SAML_2_0_ATTRNAME_FORMAT_BASIC "urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:attrname-format:basic"
public static final String BEARER "bearer"
public static final String CONFIRMATION_METHOD "ConfirmationMethod"
public static final String HOLDER_OF_KEY "holder-of-key"
public static final String POLICY_URI ""
public static final String SAML_TOKEN_URI ""
public static final String SAML_TOKEN_URI_2004_01 ""
public static final String SAML_VALUE_TYPE ""
public static final String SAML_VALUE_TYPE_2004_01 ""
public static final String SENDER_VOUCHES "sender-vouches"
public static final String ISSUED_TOKEN_POLICY "IssuedTokenPolicy"
public static final String ISSUER_URI "IssuerUri"
public static final String REQ_EXTERNAL_REFERENCE "RequireExternalReference"
public static final String REQ_INTERNAL_REFERENCE "RequireInternalReference"
public static final String TRUST_VERSION "TrustVersion"
public static final String TRUST_VERSOIN_10 ""
public static final String TRUST_VERSOIN_13 ""
public static final String SAML_ATN_STATEMENT_TAG "AuthenticationStatement"
public static final String SAML_ATTRIBUTE_STATEMENT_TAG "AttributeStatement"
public static final String SAML_SUBJCONF_TAG "SubjectConfirmation"
public static final String SAML_SUBJECT_TAG "Subject"
public static final int MSFT 2
public static final int WSSC13 1
public static final int WSSC14 3
public static final String WST_HEURISTIC_FLAG ""

public static final String ID ""

public static final String ABORTED "Aborted"
public static final String ACTION "Action"
public static final String ADDRESS "Address"
public static final String BRANCHQUAL "branchQual"
public static final String COMMIT "Commit"
public static final String COMMITTED "Committed"
public static final String COORDINATION_CONTEXT "CoordinationContext"
public static final String COORDINATION_TYPE "CoordinationType"
public static final String COORDINATOR_PROTOCOL_SERVICE "CoordinatorProtocolService"
public static final String CURRENT_WSCOOR ""
public static final String DEBUG_WSAT "DebugWSAT"
public static final String DURABLE_2PC "Durable2PC"
public static final String EXPIRES "Expires"
public static final String FAULT_TO "FaultTo"
public static final String FROM "From"
public static final String HTTP_SCHEMAS_XMLSOAP_ORG_WS_2004_10_WSAT ""
public static final String HTTP_SCHEMAS_XMLSOAP_ORG_WS_2004_10_WSAT_DURABLE_2PC ""
public static final String HTTP_SCHEMAS_XMLSOAP_ORG_WS_2004_10_WSAT_VOLATILE_2PC ""
public static final String IDENTIFIER "Identifier"
public static final String MESSAGE_ID "MessageID"
public static final String MUST_UNDERSTAND "mustUnderstand"
public static final String PARTICIPANT_PROTOCOL_SERVICE "ParticipantProtocolService"
public static final String PREPARE "Prepare"
public static final String PREPARED "Prepared"
public static final String PROTOCOL_IDENTIFIER "ProtocolIdentifier"
public static final String READONLY "ReadOnly"
public static final String REFERENCE_PARAMETERS "ReferenceParameters"
public static final String REGISTER "Register"
public static final String REGISTER_RESPONSE "RegisterResponse"
public static final String REGISTRATION_SERVICE "RegistrationService"
public static final String REPLAY "Replay"
public static final String REPLY_TO "ReplyTo"
public static final String ROLLBACK "Rollback"
public static final String ROUTING "routing"
public static final String SOAP_ENVELOPE ""
public static final String TO "To"
public static final String TXID "txId"
public static final String TXPROP_WSAT_FOREIGN_RECOVERY_CONTEXT "weblogic.wsee.wstx.foreignContext"
public static final String VOLATILE_2PC "Volatile2PC"
public static final String WLA_WSAT_NS_URI "http://weblogic.wsee.wstx.wsat/ws/2008/10/wsat"
public static final String WLS_WSAT "wls-wsat"
public static final String WSA "wsa"
public static final String WSADDRESSING_NS_URI ""
public static final String WSAT "wsat"
public static final String WSAT_COORDINATORPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/CoordinatorPortType"
public static final String WSAT_PARTICIPANTPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/ParticipantPortType"
public static final String WSAT_REGISTRATIONCOORDINATORPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/RegistrationPortTypeRPC"
public static final String WSAT_REGISTRATIONREQUESTERPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/RegistrationRequesterPortType"
public static final String WSAT10_NS_URI ""
public static final String WSAT11_COORDINATORPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/CoordinatorPortType11"
public static final String WSAT11_DURABLE_2PC ""
public static final String WSAT11_NS_URI ""
public static final String WSAT11_PARTICIPANTPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/ParticipantPortType11"
public static final String WSAT11_REGISTRATIONCOORDINATORPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/RegistrationPortTypeRPC11"
public static final String WSAT11_REGISTRATIONREQUESTERPORTTYPEPORT "/wls-wsat/RegistrationRequesterPortType11"
public static final String WSAT11_VOLATILE_2PC ""
public static final String WSCOOR "wscoor"
public static final String WSCOOR10_NS_URI ""
public static final String WSCOOR11_NS_URI ""*
public static final String JNDI_NAME ""
public static final int AVAILABLE 3
public static final int EXPORT 2
public static final int IMPORT 1
public static final int SUSPENDED 1
public static final int UNAVAILABLE 2
public static final int UNKNOWN 0
public static final int GIDMASK 16383
public static final int GIDSHIFT 17
public static final int TPSYSADM_KEY -2147483648
public static final int TPSYSOP_KEY -1073741824
public static final int UIDMASK 131071
public static final int TPABSOLUTE 64
public static final int TPACK 8192
public static final int TPAPPAUTH 2
public static final int TPCONV 1024
public static final int TPGETANY 128
public static final int TPNOAUTH 0
public static final int TPNOBLOCK 1
public static final int TPNOCHANGE 256
public static final int TPNOREPLY 4
public static final int TPNOTIME 32
public static final int TPNOTRAN 8
public static final int TPRECVONLY 4096
public static final int TPRMICALL 16384
public static final int TPSENDONLY 2048
public static final int TPSIGRSTRT 2
public static final int TPSYSAUTH 1
public static final int TPTRAN 16
public static final int TPUNKAUTH -1
public static final int DECPOSNULL -1
public static final int DECSIZE 16
public static final int TPQQOSDEFAULTPERSIST 1
public static final int TPQQOSNONPERSISTENT 4
public static final int TPQQOSPERSISTENT 2
public static final int TA_EB_API_CALL 167779170
public static final int TA_EB_COMP_SUB 7015
public static final int TA_EB_DB_SEQNO 33561448
public static final int TA_EB_LAST_POLLED 33561445
public static final int TA_EB_LAST_SEQNO 33561444
public static final int TA_EB_MID 33561441
public static final int TA_EB_PID 33561440
public static final int TA_EB_POLL_INTERVAL 33561446
public static final int TA_EB_SUBSCRIBER_TYPE 33561443
public static final int TA_EJB_METHOD_NAME 167779178
public static final int TA_EJB_NAME 167779177
public static final int TA_ERROR_STRING 167779166
public static final int TA_EVENT_DESCRIPTION 167779165
public static final int TA_EVENT_LMID 167779162
public static final int TA_EVENT_NAME 167779160
public static final int TA_EVENT_SEVERITY 167779161
public static final int TA_EVENT_TIME 33561435
public static final int TA_EVENT_USEC 33561436
public static final int FALIGNERR 1
public static final int FBADACM 18
public static final int FBADFLD 5
public static final int FBADNAME 8
public static final int FBADTBL 14
public static final int FBADVIEW 15
public static final int FEBADOP 20
public static final int FEINVAL 13
public static final int FEUNIX 7
public static final int FFTOPEN 11
public static final int FFTSYNTAX 12
public static final int FMALLOC 9
public static final int FMAXVAL 21
public static final int FMINVAL 0
public static final int FNOCNAME 19
public static final int FNOSPACE 3
public static final int FNOTFLD 2
public static final int FNOTPRES 4
public static final int FSYNTAX 10
public static final int FTYPERR 6
public static final int FVFOPEN 17
public static final int FVFSYNTAX 16
public static final int FLD_CARRAY 6
public static final int FLD_CHAR 2
public static final int FLD_DECIMAL 8
public static final int FLD_DOUBLE 4
public static final int FLD_FLOAT 3
public static final int FLD_FML32 10
public static final int FLD_INT 7
public static final int FLD_LONG 1
public static final int FLD_MBSTRING 12
public static final int FLD_PTR 9
public static final int FLD_SHORT 0
public static final int FLD_STRING 5
public static final int FLD_VIEW32 11
public static final int IOR_CLTLMID 167772263
public static final int IOR_HOST 167772261
public static final int IOR_PORT 33554534
public static final int IOR_SSLREQUIRES 33554545
public static final int IOR_SSLSUPPORTS 33554544
public static final int ISH_CLTID 167772266
public static final int ISH_DOMAIN 167772267
public static final int ISH_PID 33554540
public static final int ISH_QADDR 33554541
public static final int ISL_CONNGEN 33554537
public static final int ISL_CONNID 104
public static final int ISL_GRPNO 33554542
public static final int ISL_SRVID 33554543
public static final int AAA_ATZ_TOKEN 201326694
public static final int AAA_AUD_TOKEN 201326695
public static final int AAA_MAJ_VERSION 33554532
public static final int AAA_MIN_VERSION 33554533
public static final int TA__BBVERSION 33562333
public static final int TA__DATA 201334495
public static final int TA__DIRNAME 167780064
public static final int TA__DIRPERM 33562337
public static final int TA__ENCPASSWD 201334492
public static final int TA__FILENAME 167780066
public static final int TA__LENGTH 33562339
public static final int TA__OFFSET 33562340
public static final int TA__SEC_PRINCIPAL_ENCPASSWORD 201334503
public static final int TA__TOTSIZE 33562341
public static final int TA__TRUNCATE 167780070
public static final int TA__TUXVERSION 33562334
public static final int TQ_CORRID 49173
public static final int TQ_DELIVERYQOS 8197
public static final int TQ_DIAGNOSTIC 8193
public static final int TQ_EXPTIME 8199
public static final int TQ_FAILUREQ 40971
public static final int TQ_FLAGS 8195
public static final int TQ_MSGID 49174
public static final int TQ_PRIORITY 8194
public static final int TQ_QNAME 40973
public static final int TQ_REPLYQ 40972
public static final int TQ_REPLYQOS 8198
public static final int TQ_TIME 8196
public static final int TA_ABORT_THRESHOLD 63556007
public static final int TA_ACCWORD 33560632
public static final int TA_ACLCACHEACCESS 33560877
public static final int TA_ACLCACHEHITS 33560878
public static final int TA_ACLFAIL 33560879
public static final int TA_ACLGROUPIDS 167778608
public static final int TA_ACLNAME 167778609
public static final int TA_ACLTYPE 167778610
public static final int TA_ACN2 6787
public static final int TA_ACTIVE 167778611
public static final int TA_AEQLEN 6784
public static final int TA_ALLOWSHRINKING 197773252
public static final int TA_APPDIR 167778361
public static final int TA_APPQMSGID 167778760
public static final int TA_APPQNAME 167778761
public static final int TA_APPQORDER 167778762
public static final int TA_APPQSPACENAME 167778763
public static final int TA_APPQSPACERM 167778764
public static final int TA_APTLEN 6782
public static final int TA_ATTFLAGS 33560884
public static final int TA_ATTRIBUTE 33560432
public static final int TA_AUTHSVC 167778362
public static final int TA_AUTOTRAN 167778363
public static final int TA_AUTOTRAN2 6829
public static final int TA_AWAITINGCONN 63555522
public static final int TA_BADFLD 33560433
public static final int TA_BASESRVID 33560636
public static final int TA_BBLQUERY 33560637
public static final int TA_BLOB_SHM_SIZE 33561243
public static final int TA_BLOB_TYPE 167779132
public static final int TA_BLOB_VALUE 201333565
public static final int TA_BLOCKING 33561037
public static final int TA_BLOCKTIME 33560638
public static final int TA_BRIDGE 167778367
public static final int TA_BRTHREADS 197773864
public static final int TA_BUFTYPE 167778368
public static final int TA_CAPACITYINCR 63555510
public static final int TA_CFGDEVICE 167778369
public static final int TA_CFGOFFSET 33560642
public static final int TA_CLASS 167778162
public static final int TA_CLASSNAME 167778163
public static final int TA_CLASSPATH 197773170
public static final int TA_CLIENTID 167778371
public static final int TA_CLOPT 167778372
public static final int TA_CLOSEINFO 167778373
public static final int TA_CLTLMID 167778374
public static final int TA_CLTNAME 167778375
public static final int TA_CLTPID 33560648
public static final int TA_CLTREPLY 167778377
public static final int TA_CMD 167778766
public static final int TA_CMDHW 167778767
public static final int TA_CMDLW 167778768
public static final int TA_CMDNONPERSIST 167778801
public static final int TA_CMDNONPERSISTHW 167778802
public static final int TA_CMDNONPERSISTLW 167778803
public static final int TA_CMPLIMIT 167778378
public static final int TA_CMTRET 167778379
public static final int TA_COMMAND 167779129
public static final int TA_COMPONENTS 167778656
public static final int TA_CONNAVAILABLE 63555519
public static final int TA_CONNOGRPNO 33560652
public static final int TA_CONNOLMID 167778381
public static final int TA_CONNOPID 33560654
public static final int TA_CONNOREGIDX 33560655
public static final int TA_CONNOSNDCNT 33560656
public static final int TA_CONNOSRVID 33560657
public static final int TA_CONNSGRPNO 33560658
public static final int TA_CONNSLMID 167778387
public static final int TA_CONNSPID 33560660
public static final int TA_CONNSSNDCNT 33560661
public static final int TA_CONNSSRVID 33560662
public static final int TA_CONNUSED 63555518
public static final int TA_CONTEXT_ID 33561072
public static final int TA_CONTEXTID 33560958
public static final int TA_CONTIME 33560663
public static final int TA_CONV 167778392
public static final int TA_CONV2 6831
public static final int TA_COORDGRPNO 33560920
public static final int TA_COORDLMID 167778393
public static final int TA_COORDSRVGRP 167778649
public static final int TA_CORRID 167778769
public static final int TA_CREATEONSTARTUP 197773234
public static final int TA_CURACCESSERS 33560666
public static final int TA_CURACTEV 33561294
public static final int TA_CURACTIONS 33561085
public static final int TA_CURACTRQ 33561286
public static final int TA_CURBLOCKS 33561042
public static final int TA_CURCLIENTS 33560667
public static final int TA_CURCONV 33560668
public static final int TA_CURCURSORS 33561086
public static final int TA_CURDISPATCHTHREADS 33560962
public static final int TA_CURDRT 33560669
public static final int TA_CURENCRYPTBITS 167778654
public static final int TA_CUREXTENT 33561043
public static final int TA_CURGROUPS 33560670
public static final int TA_CURGTT 33560671
public static final int TA_CURHANDLERS 33560885
public static final int TA_CURHANDLES 33561087
public static final int TA_CURINTERFACE 167778666
public static final int TA_CURINTERFACES 33560949
public static final int TA_CURLMID 167778400
public static final int TA_CURMACHINES 33560673
public static final int TA_CURMEMFILTERS 33561088
public static final int TA_CURMEMNONPERSIST 33561089
public static final int TA_CURMEMOVERFLOW 33561090
public static final int TA_CURMSG 33561044
public static final int TA_CURNONPERSISTBYTES 33561076
public static final int TA_CURNONPERSISTMSG 33561077
public static final int TA_CUROBJECTS 33560939
public static final int TA_CUROWNERS 33561091
public static final int TA_CURPROC 33561045
public static final int TA_CURQUEUES 33560674
public static final int TA_CURREQ 33560675
public static final int TA_CURRETRIES 33561046
public static final int TA_CURRFT 33560676
public static final int TA_CURRLOAD 33560677
public static final int TA_CURRSERVICE 167778406
public static final int TA_CURRTDATA 33560679
public static final int TA_CURSERVERS 33560680
public static final int TA_CURSERVICES 33560681
public static final int TA_CURSOR 167778164
public static final int TA_CURSORHOLD 33560437
public static final int TA_CURSTYPE 33560682
public static final int TA_CURSUSPNEV 33561296
public static final int TA_CURSUSPTEV 33561295
public static final int TA_CURTIME 33560683
public static final int TA_CURTMPQUEUES 33561092
public static final int TA_CURTRANS 33561047
public static final int TA_CURTRANSACTIONS 33560940
public static final int TA_CURTYPE 33560684
public static final int TA_CURWORK 33560886
public static final int TA_CURWSCLIENTS 33560685
public static final int TA_DBBLWAIT 33560686
public static final int TA_DBHOST 197773229
public static final int TA_DBNAME 197773225
public static final int TA_DBNETPROTOCOL 197773230
public static final int TA_DBPASSWORD 197773227
public static final int TA_DBPORT 63555503
public static final int TA_DBUSER 197773226
public static final int TA_DEBUG 167778415
public static final int TA_DEFAULT 167778615
public static final int TA_DEFDELIVERYPOLICY 167778806
public static final int TA_DEFEXPIRATIONTIME 167778807
public static final int TA_DEVICE 167778416
public static final int TA_DEVINDEX 33560689
public static final int TA_DEVOFFSET 33560690
public static final int TA_DEVSIZE 33560691
public static final int TA_DMACCESSPOINT 197773661
public static final int TA_DMACCESSPOINTID 197773662
public static final int TA_DMACLNAME 167778974
public static final int TA_DMACLPOLICY 197773725
public static final int TA_DMACN 167778946
public static final int TA_DMAEID 6789
public static final int TA_DMAEQ 167778943
public static final int TA_DMAET 167778945
public static final int TA_DMAPI 167779073
public static final int TA_DMAPID 6788
public static final int TA_DMAPT 167778941
public static final int TA_DMAUDIT 6847
public static final int TA_DMAUDITLOG 167778958
public static final int TA_DMAUTOPREPARE 167779093
public static final int TA_DMAUTOTRAN 167778988
public static final int TA_DMBLOB_SHM_SIZE 63555985
public static final int TA_DMBLOCKTIME 6799
public static final int TA_DMBRANCHCOUNT 63555989
public static final int TA_DMBRANCHINDEX 63555990
public static final int TA_DMBRANCHNO 63555991
public static final int TA_DMBRANCHSTATE 197773720
public static final int TA_DMBUFSTYPE 167778978
public static final int TA_DMBUFTYPE 167778977
public static final int TA_DMCMPLIMIT 33561332
public static final int TA_DMCODEPAGE 167779075
public static final int TA_DMCONNECTION_POLICY 167779077
public static final int TA_DMCONNPRINCIPALNAME 197773726
public static final int TA_DMCONV 167778990
public static final int TA_DMCOUPLING 167779088
public static final int TA_DMCREDENTIALPOLICY 197773731
public static final int TA_DMCURENCRYPTBITS 197773723
public static final int TA_DMDIRECTION 167779056
public static final int TA_DMDNSRESOLUTION 167779086
public static final int TA_DMENDTIME 197773737
public static final int TA_DMEVNUMACT 63555950
public static final int TA_DMEVNUMSUSPN 63555951
public static final int TA_DMEVNUMSUSPT 63555952
public static final int TA_DMEXTENSIONS 167779084
public static final int TA_DMFAILOVERSEQ 30001551
public static final int TA_DMFIELD 167778986
public static final int TA_DMFIELDTYPE 197773724
public static final int TA_DMFUNCTION 167779074
public static final int TA_DMGWNUM 33561314
public static final int TA_DMINBUFTYPE 167778979
public static final int TA_DMINPRIORITY 30001570
public static final int TA_DMINRECSTYPE 167779090
public static final int TA_DMINRECTYPE 167779089
public static final int TA_DMKEEPALIVE 63556005
public static final int TA_DMKEEPALIVEWAIT 63556006
public static final int TA_DMLACCESSPOINT 197773663
public static final int TA_DMLCONV 167778927
public static final int TA_DMLCONVNUMACT 63555953
public static final int TA_DMLCONVNUMRCV 63555954
public static final int TA_DMLCONVNUMSND 63555955
public static final int TA_DMLCONVTOT 63555956
public static final int TA_DMLCONVTOTFAIL 63555957
public static final int TA_DMLCONVTOTRCV 63555958
public static final int TA_DMLCONVTOTSND 63555959
public static final int TA_DMLOAD 6832
public static final int TA_DMLOCALPRINCIPALNAME 197773727
public static final int TA_DMLOGCONTENTIONS 63555964
public static final int TA_DMLPWD 167779037
public static final int TA_DMLSVCNUMACT 63555960
public static final int TA_DMLSVCTOT 63555961
public static final int TA_DMLSVCTOTFAIL 63555962
public static final int TA_DMLSVCTOTRPLY 63555963
public static final int TA_DMLSYSID 167779064
public static final int TA_DMLUNAME 167778921
public static final int TA_DMMACHINETYPE 197773675
public static final int TA_DMMAXENCRYPTBITS 167779062
public static final int TA_DMMAXLISTENINGEP 30001516
public static final int TA_DMMAXRAPTRAN 30001514
public static final int TA_DMMAXRDOM 33561235
public static final int TA_DMMAXRDTRAN 6804
public static final int TA_DMMAXRETRY 33561351
public static final int TA_DMMAXSNASESS 6766
public static final int TA_DMMAXSYNCLVL 6907
public static final int TA_DMMAXTRAN 6805
public static final int TA_DMMINENCRYPTBITS 167779061
public static final int TA_DMMINWIN 6906
public static final int TA_DMMODENAME 167778922
public static final int TA_DMMULTIPLEXING 6925
public static final int TA_DMNETID 167778923
public static final int TA_DMNETTRANID 197773721
public static final int TA_DMNUMCONVACT 33561289
public static final int TA_DMNUMCONVLOC 33561290
public static final int TA_DMNUMCONVLSND 33561291
public static final int TA_DMNUMCONVREM 33561292
public static final int TA_DMNUMCONVRSND 33561293
public static final int TA_DMNUMREPLSVC 33561284
public static final int TA_DMNUMREPRSVC 33561285
public static final int TA_DMNUMREQCOMP 33561287
public static final int TA_DMNUMREQFAIL 33561288
public static final int TA_DMNUMREQLSVC 33561282
public static final int TA_DMNUMREQRSVC 33561283
public static final int TA_DMNUMTXBEGUN 33561297
public static final int TA_DMNUMTXCOMMIT 33561298
public static final int TA_DMNUMTXHCOMMIT 33561299
public static final int TA_DMNUMTXHRLBCK 33561300
public static final int TA_DMNUMTXRLBCK 33561301
public static final int TA_DMNWADDR 167778936
public static final int TA_DMNWDEVICE 167778938
public static final int TA_DMNWIDLETIME 33561211
public static final int TA_DMOBUFSTYPE 167778981
public static final int TA_DMOBUFTYPE 167778980
public static final int TA_DMOPTIONS 167779087
public static final int TA_DMOSITP 167778940
public static final int TA_DMOUTBUFTYPE 167778982
public static final int TA_DMOUTRECSTYPE 167779092
public static final int TA_DMOUTRECTYPE 167779091
public static final int TA_DMPRINNAME 167779053
public static final int TA_DMPRIO 6833
public static final int TA_DMPRIORITY_TYPE 197773729
public static final int TA_DMPROFILE 167778950
public static final int TA_DMPSEL 167779082
public static final int TA_DMRACCESSPOINT 197773664
public static final int TA_DMRACCESSPOINTLIST 197773728
public static final int TA_DMRANGES 167778987
public static final int TA_DMRCONVNUMACT 63555965
public static final int TA_DMRCONVNUMRCV 63555966
public static final int TA_DMRCONVNUMSND 63555967
public static final int TA_DMRCONVTOT 63555968
public static final int TA_DMRCONVTOTFAIL 63555969
public static final int TA_DMRCONVTOTRCV 63555970
public static final int TA_DMRCONVTOTSND 63555971
public static final int TA_DMRDOMLIST 167778976
public static final int TA_DMRDOMNUM 33561315
public static final int TA_DMRDOMSEC 167779057
public static final int TA_DMRDOMUSR 167779058
public static final int TA_DMREMOTENAME 167778983
public static final int TA_DMREMTPSUT 167779095
public static final int TA_DMRESOURCENAME 197773665
public static final int TA_DMRESOURCETYPE 197773666
public static final int TA_DMRETRY_INTERVAL 33561350
public static final int TA_DMROUTINGNAME 167778985
public static final int TA_DMRPRINNAME 167779054
public static final int TA_DMRPRINPASSWD 167779055
public static final int TA_DMRPWD 167779038
public static final int TA_DMRSVCNUMACT 63555972
public static final int TA_DMRSVCTOT 63555973
public static final int TA_DMRSVCTOTFAIL 63555974
public static final int TA_DMRSVCTOTRPLY 63555975
public static final int TA_DMRSYSID 167779065
public static final int TA_DMSECTYPE 167778924
public static final int TA_DMSECURITY 167778967
public static final int TA_DMSERVICENAME 167778984
public static final int TA_DMSHMCONTENTIONS 63555976
public static final int TA_DMSNACRM 167779069
public static final int TA_DMSNADOM 167778920
public static final int TA_DMSNALINK 167779063
public static final int TA_DMSNASTACK 167779068
public static final int TA_DMSRVGROUP 167778954
public static final int TA_DMSSEL 167779083
public static final int TA_DMSTACKPARMS 167779072
public static final int TA_DMSTACKTYPE 167779070
public static final int TA_DMSTARTTIME 197773736
public static final int TA_DMSTARTTYPE 167779076
public static final int TA_DMSTATISTICS 6846
public static final int TA_DMSTATRESETIME 33561302
public static final int TA_DMSTATRESETTIME 63555977
public static final int TA_DMSYMDESTNAME 167778925
public static final int TA_DMTAILORPATH 167779081
public static final int TA_DMTCPKEEPALIVE 197773732
public static final int TA_DMTDOM 167778935
public static final int TA_DMTE_FUNCTION 197773668
public static final int TA_DMTE_PRODUCT 197773667
public static final int TA_DMTE_PWD 197773712
public static final int TA_DMTE_QUALIFIER 63555942
public static final int TA_DMTE_RTQGROUP 197773671
public static final int TA_DMTE_RTQNAME 197773672
public static final int TA_DMTE_TARGET 197773669
public static final int TA_DMTE_TP_SYSTEM 197773673
public static final int TA_DMTLOGDEV 167778957
public static final int TA_DMTLOGNAME 167778960
public static final int TA_DMTLOGSIZE 33561233
public static final int TA_DMTPNAME 167779071
public static final int TA_DMTPSUTTYPE 167779094
public static final int TA_DMTPTRANID 197773714
public static final int TA_DMTRANTIME 33561266
public static final int TA_DMTSEL 167779080
public static final int TA_DMTUXCONFIG 167778969
public static final int TA_DMTUXOFFSET 33561242
public static final int TA_DMTXACCESSPOINT 197773715
public static final int TA_DMTXID 167779045
public static final int TA_DMTXNETTRANID 197773716
public static final int TA_DMTXNUMACT 63555978
public static final int TA_DMTXPARENT 167779044
public static final int TA_DMTXTOTCOMMIT 63555979
public static final int TA_DMTXTOTHCOMMIT 63555980
public static final int TA_DMTXTOTHRLBCK 63555981
public static final int TA_DMTXTOTRLBCK 63555982
public static final int TA_DMTYPE 167778955
public static final int TA_DMURCH 167778952
public static final int TA_DMVERSION 197773677
public static final int TA_DMXATMIENCODING 197773722
public static final int TA_DOMAINAME 167778956
public static final int TA_DOMAINID 167778420
public static final int TA_DRIVER 197773223
public static final int TA_DSNAME 197773222
public static final int TA_DUMMYACTIVITY 6838
public static final int TA_DUMMYALLSTATS 6839
public static final int TA_DUMMYDOMSTATS 6840
public static final int TA_DUMMYOPTION 6841
public static final int TA_DUMMYSRVGRP 167778995
public static final int TA_DUMMYSRVID 6836
public static final int TA_DUMMYSTATE 6837
public static final int TA_DUMMYTOGGLE 6845
public static final int TA_EJBCACHE_FLUSH 63555454
public static final int TA_ENABLEXA 197773233
public static final int TA_ENC2_LPWD 167779039
public static final int TA_ENC2_RPWD 167779040
public static final int TA_ENCPASSWD 167779036
public static final int TA_ENCRYPTION_REQUIRED 167778684
public static final int TA_ENDTIME 33560693
public static final int TA_ENVFILE 167778422
public static final int TA_ERROR 33560438
public static final int TA_ERRORQNAME 167778776
public static final int TA_EVENT_EXPR 167779111
public static final int TA_EVENT_FILTER 167779112
public static final int TA_EVENT_FILTER_BINARY 201333545
public static final int TA_EVENT_PERSIST 6966
public static final int TA_EVENT_SERVER 167779130
public static final int TA_EVENT_SET_BLOB 6975
public static final int TA_EVENT_SET_HANDLE 6974
public static final int TA_EVENT_TRAN 6967
public static final int TA_EVENT_UNIQUE 6976
public static final int TA_EXPIRETIME 167778808
public static final int TA_EXT_NADDR 167778655
public static final int TA_FACTORYID 167778679
public static final int TA_FACTPERM 33560888
public static final int TA_FADDR 167778697
public static final int TA_FBROUTINGNAME 167778676
public static final int TA_FIELD 167778423
public static final int TA_FIELDTYPE 167778680
public static final int TA_FILTER 33560439
public static final int TA_FLAGS 33560440
public static final int TA_FLOWCNT 33560696
public static final int TA_FORCEINIT 167778777
public static final int TA_FRANGE 33560970
public static final int TA_FREEMAPAVAIL 33560697
public static final int TA_FREEMAPCOUNT 33560698
public static final int TA_FREEMAPINDEX 33560699
public static final int TA_FREEMAPOFFSET 33560700
public static final int TA_FREEMAPSIZE 33560701
public static final int TA_GENERATION 33560702
public static final int TA_GETSTATES 167778617
public static final int TA_GID 33560703
public static final int TA_GRACE 33560704
public static final int TA_GROUPID 33560890
public static final int TA_GROUPNAME 167778619
public static final int TA_GRPCOUNT 33560705
public static final int TA_GRPINDEX 33560706
public static final int TA_GRPNO 33560707
public static final int TA_GSTATE 167778436
public static final int TA_GTRID 167778437
public static final int TA_HIGHPRIORITY 33561050
public static final int TA_HITICKET 33560710
public static final int TA_HWACCESSERS 33560711
public static final int TA_HWACLCACHE 33560892
public static final int TA_HWACTIONS 33561093
public static final int TA_HWCLIENTS 33560712
public static final int TA_HWCONV 33560713
public static final int TA_HWCURSORS 33561094
public static final int TA_HWDISPATCHTHREADS 33560963
public static final int TA_HWDRT 33560714
public static final int TA_HWGROUPS 33560715
public static final int TA_HWGTT 33560716
public static final int TA_HWHANDLERS 33560893
public static final int TA_HWHANDLES 33561095
public static final int TA_HWINTERFACES 33560950
public static final int TA_HWMACHINES 33560717
public static final int TA_HWMCONNCREATED 63555521
public static final int TA_HWMCONNUSED 63555520
public static final int TA_HWMEMFILTERS 33561096
public static final int TA_HWMEMNONPERSIST 33561097
public static final int TA_HWMEMOVERFLOW 33561098
public static final int TA_HWMFORWAIT 63555523
public static final int TA_HWMSG 33561051
public static final int TA_HWOBJECTS 33560947
public static final int TA_HWOWNERS 33561099
public static final int TA_HWPROC 33561052
public static final int TA_HWQUEUES 33560718
public static final int TA_HWRFT 33560719
public static final int TA_HWRTDATA 33560720
public static final int TA_HWSERVERS 33560721
public static final int TA_HWSERVICES 33560722
public static final int TA_HWTMPQUEUES 33561100
public static final int TA_HWTRANS 33561053
public static final int TA_HWWSCLIENTS 33560723
public static final int TA_IDLETIME 33560894
public static final int TA_INASTATES 167778623
public static final int TA_INITCAPACITY 63555508
public static final int TA_INTERFACENAME 167778669
public static final int TA_INTERN_APPKEY 63555452
public static final int TA_INTERN_CURSOR 63555448
public static final int TA_INTERN_DBBL 63555456
public static final int TA_INTERN_ERROR 63555455
public static final int TA_INTERN_FLDNAME 197773177
public static final int TA_INTERN_FLDTYPE 63555451
public static final int TA_INTERN_FLDVALUE 197773178
public static final int TA_INTERN_TACTGRPNO 63555447
public static final int TA_INTERN_TACTSRVGRP 197773174
public static final int TA_INTERN_TACTSRVID 63555445
public static final int TA_IPCKEY 33560724
public static final int TA_ITERATION 33560725
public static final int TA_JAVAHEAPSIZE 63555436
public static final int TA_JAVAHEAPUSE 63555438
public static final int TA_JAVAVENDOR 197773172
public static final int TA_JAVAVERSION 197773171
public static final int TA_KEEPALIVE 167778664
public static final int TA_LASTGRP 33560726
public static final int TA_LDBAL 167778455
public static final int TA_LDOMAIN 167778953
public static final int TA_LICEXPIRE 167778456
public static final int TA_LICMAXUSERS 33560729
public static final int TA_LICSERIAL 167778458
public static final int TA_LMID 167778860
public static final int TA_LOAD 33560731
public static final int TA_LOG_CONTENTIONS 33561304
public static final int TA_LOGINDELAY 63555507
public static final int TA_LOOPBACK 6813
public static final int TA_LOWPRIORITY 33561054
public static final int TA_LSTATE 167778783
public static final int TA_MASTER 167778460
public static final int TA_MAX 33560733
public static final int TA_MAXACCESSERS 33560734
public static final int TA_MAXACLCACHE 33560896
public static final int TA_MAXACLGROUPS 33560897
public static final int TA_MAXACTIONS 33561101
public static final int TA_MAXBUFSTYPE 33560735
public static final int TA_MAXBUFTYPE 33560736
public static final int TA_MAXCAPACITY 63555509
public static final int TA_MAXCONV 33560737
public static final int TA_MAXCURSORS 33561102
public static final int TA_MAXDATALEN 33561234
public static final int TA_MAXDISPATCHTHREADS 33560959
public static final int TA_MAXDRT 33560738
public static final int TA_MAXEJBCACHE 63555453
public static final int TA_MAXENCRYPTBITS 167778653
public static final int TA_MAXGEN 33560739
public static final int TA_MAXGROUPS 33560740
public static final int TA_MAXGTT 33560741
public static final int TA_MAXHANDLERS 33560898
public static final int TA_MAXHANDLES 33561103
public static final int TA_MAXIDLETIME 33560899
public static final int TA_MAXINITTIME 33560900
public static final int TA_MAXINTERFACES 33560942
public static final int TA_MAXMACHINES 33560742
public static final int TA_MAXMSG 33561056
public static final int TA_MAXMTYPE 33560743
public static final int TA_MAXNETGROUPS 33560935
public static final int TA_MAXOBJECTS 33560943
public static final int TA_MAXOWNERS 33561104
public static final int TA_MAXPAGES 33561057
public static final int TA_MAXPENDINGBYTES 33560931
public static final int TA_MAXPERM 33560901
public static final int TA_MAXPROC 33561058
public static final int TA_MAXQUEUELEN 33560972
public static final int TA_MAXQUEUES 33560744
public static final int TA_MAXRETRIES 33561059
public static final int TA_MAXRFT 33560745
public static final int TA_MAXRTDATA 33560746
public static final int TA_MAXSENDLEN 33561238
public static final int TA_MAXSERVERS 33560747
public static final int TA_MAXSERVICES 33560748
public static final int TA_MAXSPDATA 63556135
public static final int TA_MAXTMPQUEUES 33561105
public static final int TA_MAXTRANS 33561060
public static final int TA_MAXTRANTIME 63556134
public static final int TA_MAXWSCLIENTS 33560749
public static final int TA_MAXWSHPORT 33560923
public static final int TA_MEMFILTERS 33561106
public static final int TA_MEMNONPERSIST 167778835
public static final int TA_MEMOVERFLOW 33561108
public static final int TA_MEMSYSTEMRESERVED 33561109
public static final int TA_MEMTOTALALLOCATED 33561110
public static final int TA_MIBMASK 33560750
public static final int TA_MIBTIMEOUT 33560441
public static final int TA_MIN 33560751
public static final int TA_MINDISPATCHTHREADS 33560960
public static final int TA_MINENCRYPTBITS 167778652
public static final int TA_MINHANDLERS 33560902
public static final int TA_MINOR 33560752
public static final int TA_MINWSHPORT 33560922
public static final int TA_MMDDYY 33560753
public static final int TA_MODEL 167778482
public static final int TA_MODULE 197773202
public static final int TA_MODULEARGS 197773203
public static final int TA_MODULECLASSPATH 197773206
public static final int TA_MODULEFILE 197773205
public static final int TA_MODULETYPE 197773204
public static final int TA_MORE 33560442
public static final int TA_MSG_CBYTES 33560756
public static final int TA_MSG_CTIME 33560757
public static final int TA_MSG_LRPID 33560758
public static final int TA_MSG_LSPID 33560759
public static final int TA_MSG_QBYTES 33560760
public static final int TA_MSG_QNUM 33560761
public static final int TA_MSG_RTIME 33560762
public static final int TA_MSG_STIME 33560763
public static final int TA_MSGENDTIME 167778789
public static final int TA_MSGEXPIREENDTIME 167778809
public static final int TA_MSGEXPIRESTARTTIME 167778810
public static final int TA_MSGID 33560755
public static final int TA_MSGSIZE 33561062
public static final int TA_MSGSTARTTIME 167778791
public static final int TA_MULTIPLEX 33560903
public static final int TA_NADDR 167778492
public static final int TA_NCOMPLETED 33560765
public static final int TA_NETGROUP 167778660
public static final int TA_NETGRPNO 33560933
public static final int TA_NETPRIO 33560934
public static final int TA_NETTIMEOUT 33560937
public static final int TA_NEWAPPQNAME 167778792
public static final int TA_NLSADDR 167778494
public static final int TA_NOTIFY 167778495
public static final int TA_NQUEUED 33560768
public static final int TA_NRDOM 6815
public static final int TA_NUMBLOCKQ 33560904
public static final int TA_NUMCONV 33560769
public static final int TA_NUMDEQUEUE 33560770
public static final int TA_NUMDISPATCHTHREADS 33560964
public static final int TA_NUMENQUEUE 33560771
public static final int TA_NUMPOST 33560772
public static final int TA_NUMREQ 33560773
public static final int TA_NUMSERVED 33560775
public static final int TA_NUMSERVERS 33560944
public static final int TA_NUMSUBSCRIBE 33560776
public static final int TA_NUMTRAN 33560777
public static final int TA_NUMTRANABT 33560778
public static final int TA_NUMTRANCMT 33560779
public static final int TA_NUMUNSOL 33560780
public static final int TA_NWADDRLEN 6777
public static final int TA_OCCURS 33560443
public static final int TA_OFF 6843
public static final int TA_OLDCMPLIMIT 167778658
public static final int TA_OLDENCRYPT 167778657
public static final int TA_ON 6842
public static final int TA_OPENINFO 167778509
public static final int TA_OPERATION 167778172
public static final int TA_OPTIONS 167778510
public static final int TA_OUTOFORDER 167778793
public static final int TA_PAGESIZE 33560783
public static final int TA_PASSWD 167779035
public static final int TA_PASSWORD 167778861
public static final int TA_PERCENTINIT 33561066
public static final int TA_PERM 33560445
public static final int TA_PERSISTENCE 167778811
public static final int TA_PID 33560784
public static final int TA_PMID 167778513
public static final int TA_PREFERENCES 167778633
public static final int TA_PRINCLTNAME 167778634
public static final int TA_PRINGRP 33560907
public static final int TA_PRINID 33560908
public static final int TA_PRINNAME 167778637
public static final int TA_PRINPASSWD 167778638
public static final int TA_PRIO 33560786
public static final int TA_PRIORITY 33561067
public static final int TA_PROFILE2 6791
public static final int TA_PROGMODELS 197773162
public static final int TA_PROPS 197773232
public static final int TA_QCTL_BEFOREMSGID 6959
public static final int TA_QCTL_CORRID 167779123
public static final int TA_QCTL_DEQ_TIME 33561392
public static final int TA_QCTL_FAILUREQUEUE 167779125
public static final int TA_QCTL_MSGID 167779122
public static final int TA_QCTL_PRIORITY 33561393
public static final int TA_QCTL_QTIME_ABS 6956
public static final int TA_QCTL_QTIME_REL 6957
public static final int TA_QCTL_QTOP 6958
public static final int TA_QCTL_REPLYQUEUE 167779124
public static final int TA_QMCONFIG 167778796
public static final int TA_QNAME 167779115
public static final int TA_QSPACE 167779114
public static final int TA_RANGES 201332947
public static final int TA_RCMD 167778516
public static final int TA_RCVDBYT 33560789
public static final int TA_RCVDNUM 33560790
public static final int TA_RDOMAIN 167778972
public static final int TA_REENCRYPT_PWD 6881
public static final int TA_REFRESH 63555513
public static final int TA_RELEASE 33560791
public static final int TA_REPLYPERSISTENCE 167778812
public static final int TA_REPLYQ 167778520
public static final int TA_RESET 6844
public static final int TA_RESTART 167778521
public static final int TA_RETRYDELAY 33561069
public static final int TA_ROLE 167778522
public static final int TA_ROUTINGNAME 167778523
public static final int TA_RPID 33560796
public static final int TA_RPPERM 33560797
public static final int TA_RQADDR 167778526
public static final int TA_RQID 33560799
public static final int TA_RQPERM 33560800
public static final int TA_SANITYSCAN 33560801
public static final int TA_SCANUNIT 33560802
public static final int TA_SEC_PRINCIPAL_LOCATION 167778694
public static final int TA_SEC_PRINCIPAL_NAME 167778693
public static final int TA_SEC_PRINCIPAL_PASSVAR 167778695
public static final int TA_SEC_PRINCIPAL_PASSWORD 167778696
public static final int TA_SECURITY 167778531
public static final int TA_SECURITY2 6808
public static final int TA_SEM_OTIME 33560806
public static final int TA_SEMID 33560804
public static final int TA_SEMTICKET 33560805
public static final int TA_SENTBYT 33560807
public static final int TA_SENTNUM 33560808
public static final int TA_SEQUENCE 33560809
public static final int TA_SERVERCNT 33560810
public static final int TA_SERVERNAME 167778539
public static final int TA_SERVICENAME 167778540
public static final int TA_SETSTATES 167778639
public static final int TA_SEVERITY 167778541
public static final int TA_SHM_ATIME 33560817
public static final int TA_SHM_CONTENTIONS 33561303
public static final int TA_SHM_CTIME 33560818
public static final int TA_SHM_DTIME 33560819
public static final int TA_SHM_NATTCH 33560820
public static final int TA_SHMID 33560814
public static final int TA_SHMKEY 33560815
public static final int TA_SHMSZ 33560816
public static final int TA_SHRINKPERIOD 63555511
public static final int TA_SICACHEENTRIESMAX 167778699
public static final int TA_SIGNATURE_AHEAD 33560953
public static final int TA_SIGNATURE_BEHIND 33560954
public static final int TA_SIGNATURE_REQUIRED 167778683
public static final int TA_SOURCE 167778549
public static final int TA_SPINCOUNT 33560822
public static final int TA_SRVGRP 167778862
public static final int TA_SRVID 33561135
public static final int TA_SRVTYPE 197773163
public static final int TA_STARTTIME 167778798
public static final int TA_STATE 167778174
public static final int TA_STATUS 167778175
public static final int TA_SUBSCRIPTION_HANDLE 33561439
public static final int TA_SUBSCRIPTION_VERSION 33561403
public static final int TA_SUSPENDED 167778640
public static final int TA_SUSPTIME 33560823
public static final int TA_SVCRNAM 167778552
public static final int TA_SVCTIMEOUT 33560825
public static final int TA_SVCTYPE 167778641
public static final int TA_SWRELEASE 167778554
public static final int TA_SYSTEM_ACCESS 167778555
public static final int TA_TESTONRELEASE 197773243
public static final int TA_TESTONRESERVE 197773242
public static final int TA_TESTTABLE 197773240
public static final int TA_THREADID 33560957
public static final int TA_THREADSTACKSIZE 33560961
public static final int TA_TIME 167778799
public static final int TA_TIMELEFT 33560828
public static final int TA_TIMEOUT 33560829
public static final int TA_TIMERESTART 33560830
public static final int TA_TIMESTART 33560831
public static final int TA_TLOGCOUNT 33560832
public static final int TA_TLOGDATA 167778561
public static final int TA_TLOGDEVICE 167778562
public static final int TA_TLOGINDEX 33560835
public static final int TA_TLOGNAME 167778564
public static final int TA_TLOGOFFSET 33560837
public static final int TA_TLOGSIZE 33560838
public static final int TA_TMDEBUG 167778567
public static final int TA_TMNETLOAD 33560840
public static final int TA_TMSCOUNT 33560841
public static final int TA_TMSNAME 167778570
public static final int TA_TMTRACE 167778864
public static final int TA_TOTACTTIME 33560914
public static final int TA_TOTIDLTIME 33560915
public static final int TA_TOTNP 33560843
public static final int TA_TOTNQUEUED 33560844
public static final int TA_TOTNV 33560845
public static final int TA_TOTREQC 33560846
public static final int TA_TOTWANTERS 33560847
public static final int TA_TOTWKQUEUED 33560848
public static final int TA_TOTWKUPRCV 33560849
public static final int TA_TOTWKUPSENT 33560850
public static final int TA_TOTWORKL 33560851
public static final int TA_TPPOLICY 167778673
public static final int TA_TPTRANID 167778580
public static final int TA_TRAN_STATE 33561280
public static final int TA_TRANLEV 33560853
public static final int TA_TRANTIME 33560854
public static final int TA_TUXCONFIG 167778583
public static final int TA_TUXDIR 167778584
public static final int TA_TUXOFFSET 33560857
public static final int TA_TXPOLICY 167778674
public static final int TA_TYPE 167778586
public static final int TA_UID 33560859
public static final int TA_ULOGCAT 167778588
public static final int TA_ULOGLINE 33560861
public static final int TA_ULOGMSG 167778590
public static final int TA_ULOGMSGNUM 33560863
public static final int TA_ULOGPFX 167778592
public static final int TA_ULOGPROCNM 167778593
public static final int TA_ULOGTIME 33560866
public static final int TA_URL 197773224
public static final int TA_USERLOG 167779128
public static final int TA_USERROLE 197773253
public static final int TA_USIGNAL 167778595
public static final int TA_USRNAME 167778596
public static final int TA_VALIDATION 167778597
public static final int TA_VIEWREFRESH 167778644
public static final int TA_WAITFORCONN 197773244
public static final int TA_WAITS 167778598
public static final int TA_WAITTIMEOUT 63555517
public static final int TA_WKCOMPLETED 33560871
public static final int TA_WKINITIATED 33560872
public static final int TA_WKQUEUED 33560873
public static final int TA_WSC 167778602
public static final int TA_WSH 167778603
public static final int TA_WSHCLIENTID 167778645
public static final int TA_WSHNAME 167778646
public static final int TA_WSPROTO 33560919
public static final int TA_XID 167778604
public static final int QMEABORTED -8
public static final int QMEBADMSGID -5
public static final int QMEBADQUEUE -10
public static final int QMEBADRMID -2
public static final int QMEINUSE -12
public static final int QMEINVAL -1
public static final int QMEINVHANDLE -15
public static final int QMENOMSG -11
public static final int QMENOSPACE -13
public static final int QMENOTOPEN -3
public static final int QMEOS -7
public static final int QMEPROTO -9
public static final int QMERELEASE -14
public static final int QMESHARE -16
public static final int QMESYSTEM -6
public static final int QMETRAN -4
public static final int QMNONE 0
public static final int TPEABORT 1
public static final int TPEBADDESC 2
public static final int TPEBLOCK 3
public static final int TPED_CLIENTDISCONNECTED 6
public static final int TPED_DECRYPTION_FAILURE 11
public static final int TPED_DOMAINUNREACHABLE 5
public static final int TPED_INVALID_CERTIFICATE 9
public static final int TPED_INVALID_SIGNATURE 10
public static final int TPED_INVALID_XA_TRANSACTION 13
public static final int TPED_INVALIDCONTEXT 12
public static final int TPED_NOCLIENT 4
public static final int TPED_NOUNSOLHANDLER 3
public static final int TPED_OTS_INTERNAL 8
public static final int TPED_PERM 7
public static final int TPED_SVCTIMEOUT 1
public static final int TPED_TERM 2
public static final int TPEDIAGNOSTIC 24
public static final int TPEEVENT 22
public static final int TPEHAZARD 20
public static final int TPEHEURISTIC 21
public static final int TPEINVAL 4
public static final int TPEITYPE 17
public static final int TPELIMIT 5
public static final int TPEMATCH 23
public static final int TPEMIB 25
public static final int TPENOENT 6
public static final int TPEOS 7
public static final int TPEOTYPE 18
public static final int TPEPERM 8
public static final int TPEPROTO 9
public static final int TPERELEASE 19
public static final int TPERMERR 16
public static final int TPESVCERR 10
public static final int TPESVCFAIL 11
public static final int TPESYSTEM 12
public static final int TPETIME 13
public static final int TPETRAN 14
public static final int TPEV_DISCONIMM 1
public static final int TPEV_SENDONLY 32
public static final int TPEV_SVCERR 2
public static final int TPEV_SVCFAIL 4
public static final int TPEV_SVCSUCC 8
public static final int TPGOTSIG 15
public static final int TPMINVAL 0
public static final int BQCMD 167772241
public static final int CHGATTS 201326602
public static final int CURSID 33554434
public static final int CURSOC 33554435
public static final int DESTSRVC 167772177
public static final int FORMNAM 167772166
public static final int INITMSK 167772161
public static final int LEVKEY 167772164
public static final int MODS 201326610
public static final int NEWFORM 167772169
public static final int SRVCNM 167772168
public static final int STATLIN 167772165
public static final int UPDTMOD 7
public static final int USYS1FLD 167772171
public static final int USYS2FLD 167772172
public static final int USYS3FLD 167772173
public static final int USYS4FLD 201326606
public static final int USYS5FLD 201326607
public static final int USYS6FLD 201326608
public static final int VALONENTRY 167772179
public static final int BQCMD 41041
public static final int CHGATTS 49162
public static final int CURSID 8194
public static final int CURSOC 8195
public static final int DESTSRVC 40977
public static final int FORMNAM 40966
public static final int INITMSK 40961
public static final int LEVKEY 40964
public static final int MODS 49170
public static final int NEWFORM 40969
public static final int SRVCNM 40968
public static final int STATLIN 40965
public static final int UPDTMOD 7
public static final int USYS1FLD 40971
public static final int USYS2FLD 40972
public static final int USYS3FLD 40973
public static final int USYS4FLD 49166
public static final int USYS5FLD 49167
public static final int USYS6FLD 49168
public static final int VALONENTRY 40979


public static final String CLAIMS_MAP "weblogic.xml.crypto.wss.policy.Claims"
public static final String DERIVED_FROM_TOKEN "weblogic.wsee.wsc.derived_from_token"
public static final String DK_BASE_TOKEN_REFERENCE_TYPE ""
public static final String DK_LENGTH ""
public static final String DK_STR_REFERENCE_TYPE ""
public static final String EK_ENCRYPT_METHOD "weblogic.wsee.ek.encrypt_method"
public static final String EK_KEYWRAP_METHOD "weblogic.wsee.ek.keywrap_method"
public static final String ENCRYPT_THEN_SIGN ""
public static final String ENCRYPTED_ELEMENT_MAP ""
public static final String ENDPOINT_URL "com.bea.contextelement.xml.EndpointURL"
public static final String FRIST_TOKEN_NODE ""
public static final String ISSUER_ENDPOINT_REF ""
public static final String ISSUER_SERIAL "com.bea.contextelement.xml.IssuerSerial"
public static final String KEY_NAME "weblogic.xml.crypto.keyinfo.keyname"
public static final String KEY_TYPE ""
public static final String KEYID "com.bea.contextelement.xml.KeyIdentifier"
public static final String LAST_TOKEN_NODE ""
public static final String NEED_TO_MOVE_TIMESTAMP ""
public static final String PKI_INITIATOR "weblogic.xml.crypto.wss.PKI_Initiator"
public static final String SCT_TOKEN_LIFE_TIME "weblogic.wsee.wssc.sct.lifetime"
public static final String SECURITY_INFO "com.bea.contextelement.xml.SecurityInfo"
public static final String SET_TO_FIRST_TOKEN ""
public static final String SIGNATURE_NODE ""
public static final String STRICT_LAYOUT ""
public static final String THUMBPRINT ""
public static final String TIMESTAMP_FIRST ""
public static final String TOKEN "com.bea.contextelement.xml.SecurityToken"
public static final String TRUST_VERSION ""
public static final String WSS_SUBJECT_PROPERTY "weblogic.wsee.wss.subject"
public static final String WST_BOOT_STRAP_POLICY ""
public static final String WST_OUTER_POLICY ""
public static final String CONFIDENTIALITY_ASSERTION ""
public static final int CONFIDENTIALITY_CODE 3
public static final String IDENTITY_ASSERTION ""
public static final int IDENTITY_CODE 0
public static final String INTEGRITY_ASSERTION ""
public static final int INTEGRITY_CODE 1
public static final String TYPE_CONFIDENTIALITY_ASSERTION ""
public static final int TYPE_CONFIDENTIALITY_CODE 4
public static final String TYPE_INTEGRITY_ASSERTION ""
public static final int TYPE_INTEGRITY_CODE 2
public static final String BODY "body"
public static final String HEADER "header"
public static final int NO_PROOF 0
public static final int POSSESSION_PROOF 1
public static final int SHARED_SECRET_PROOF 2
public static final String STRING_NO_PROOF "No Proof"
public static final String STRING_POSSESSION_PROOF "Possession Proof"
public static final String STRING_SHARED_SECRET_PROOF "Shared Secret Proof"
public static final String DEFAULT_SPEC_ID "default-spec"
public static final String ATTR_CANONICALIZATION_METHOD "CanonicalizationMethod"
public static final String ATTR_ENCODING "EncodingType"
public static final String ATTR_ENCRYPT_BODY "EncryptBody"
public static final String ATTR_ENCRYPTION_METHOD "EncryptionMethod"
public static final String ATTR_ID "Id"
public static final String ATTR_KEY_ALIAS "keyAlias"
public static final String ATTR_KEY_PASSWORD "keyPassword"
public static final String ATTR_KEYWRAPPING_METHOD "KeyWrappingMethod"
public static final String ATTR_LOCALPART "LocalPart"
public static final String ATTR_NAMESPACE "Namespace"
public static final String ATTR_PASSWORDTYPE "PasswordType"
public static final String ATTR_REALM "Realm"
public static final String ATTR_REF_ID "RefId"
public static final String ATTR_RESTRICTION "Restriction"
public static final String ATTR_SIGN_BODY "SignBody"
public static final String ATTR_SIGNATURE_METHOD "SignatureMethod"
public static final String ATTR_VALUETYPE "ValueType"
public static final String DEFAULT_PREFIX "spec"
public static final String RESTRICTION_BODY "body"
public static final String RESTRICTION_HEADER "header"
public static final String SOAP_ATTR_ROLE "Role"
public static final String SOAP_ENV_PREFIX "env"
public static final String SPEC_URI ""
public static final String TAG_BINARY_SECURITY_TOKEN_SPEC "BinarySecurityTokenSpec"
public static final String TAG_CLOCK_PRECISION "clock-precision"
public static final String TAG_CLOCKS_SYNCHRONIZED "clocks-synchronized"
public static final String TAG_DD_SECURITY "security"
public static final String TAG_ENCRYPTION_KEY "encryptionKey"
public static final String TAG_ENCRYPTION_SPEC "EncryptionSpec"
public static final String TAG_ENFORCE_PRECISION "enforce-precision"
public static final String TAG_ENTITY_NAME "name"
public static final String TAG_ENTITY_PASSWORD "password"
public static final String TAG_FRESHNESS "inbound-expiry"
public static final String TAG_GENERATE_TS "generate-signature-timestamp"
public static final String TAG_REQUIRE_TS "require-signature-timestamp"
public static final String TAG_SECURITY_SPEC "SecuritySpec"
public static final String TAG_SECURITY_SPEC_REF "SecuritySpecRef"
public static final String TAG_SIGNATURE_KEY "signatureKey"
public static final String TAG_SIGNATURE_SPEC "SignatureSpec"
public static final String TAG_TS_CONFIG "timestamp"
public static final String TAG_TYPE_IDENTIFIER "ElementIdentifier"
public static final String TAG_USER "user"
public static final String TAG_USERNAME_TOKEN_SPEC "UsernameTokenSpec"
public static final String TAG_VALIDITY "outbound-expiry"
public static final String XSD_FALSE "false"
public static final String XSD_TRUE "true"
public static final String ASSUME_SYNCHRONIZED_CLOCKS ""
public static final String CLOCK_PRECISION ""
public static final long DAY_PRECISION 86400000L
public static final long DEFAULT_CLOCK_PRECISION 60000L
public static final String GENERATE_TIMESTAMP ""
public static final long HOUR_PRECISION 3600000L
public static final String LAX_CLOCK_PRECISION ""
public static final String MAX_PROCESSING_DELAY ""
public static final String MESSAGE_CREATED_PROPERTY "weblogic.webservice.timestamp.created"
public static final String MESSAGE_EXPIRES_PROPERTY "weblogic.webservice.timestamp.expires"
public static final String MESSAGE_RECEIVED_PROPERTY "weblogic.webservice.timestamp.received"
public static final long MILLI_PRECISION 1L
public static final long MINUTE_PRECISION 60000L
public static final long MONTH_PRECISION 2592000000L
public static final int NO_EXPIRATION -1
public static final int NO_MAX_PROCESSING_DELAY -1
public static final String REQUIRE_TIMESTAMP ""
public static final long SECOND_PRECISION 1000L
public static final String VALIDITY_PERIOD ""
public static final long WEEK_PRECISION 604800000L
public static final long YEAR_PRECISION 31536000000L
public static final String WSSE_VERBOSE_PROP ""
public static final String ATTR_ENCODING "EncodingType"
public static final String ATTR_MUST_UNDERSTAND "mustUnderstand"
public static final String ATTR_ROLE "role"
public static final String ATTR_TYPE "Type"
public static final String ATTR_URI "URI"
public static final String ATTR_VALUETYPE "ValueType"
public static final String DEFAULT_ENCODING "UTF-8"
public static final String DEFAULT_PREFIX "wsse"
public static final String FAULT_FAILEDAUTHENTICATION "FailedAuthentication"
public static final String FAULT_FAILEDCHECK "FailedCheck"
public static final String FAULT_INVALIDSECURITY "InvalidSecurity"
public static final String FAULT_INVALIDSECURITYTOKEN "InvalidSecurityToken"
public static final String FAULT_SECURITYTOKENUNAVAILBLE "SecurityTokenUnavailable"
public static final String FAULT_UNSUPPORTEDALGORITHM "UnsupportedAlgorithm"
public static final String FAULT_UNSUPPORTEDSECURITYTOKEN "UnsupportedSecurityToken"
public static final String TAG_BINARY_SECURITY_TOKEN "BinarySecurityToken"
public static final String TAG_KEY_IDENTIFIER "KeyIdentifier"
public static final String TAG_NONCE "Nonce"
public static final String TAG_PASSWORD "Password"
public static final String TAG_REFERENCE "Reference"
public static final String TAG_SECURITY "Security"
public static final String TAG_SECURITY_TOKEN_REFERENCE "SecurityTokenReference"
public static final String TAG_USERNAME "Username"
public static final String TAG_USERNAME_TOKEN "UsernameToken"
public static final int TC_BINARY_SECURITY_TOKEN 0
public static final int TC_KEY_IDENTIFIER 1
public static final int TC_PASSWORD 2
public static final int TC_REFERENCE 3
public static final int TC_SECURITY 4
public static final int TC_SECURITY_TOKEN_REFERNCE 5
public static final int TC_USERNAME 6
public static final int TC_USERNAME_TOKEN 7
public static final int CHANGE_PREFIX_MAPPING 4096
public static final int CHARACTER_DATA 16
public static final int COMMENT 32
public static final int END_DOCUMENT 512
public static final int END_ELEMENT 4
public static final int END_PREFIX_MAPPING 2048
public static final int ENTITY_REFERENCE 8192
public static final int NULL_ELEMENT 128
public static final int PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION 8
public static final int SPACE 64
public static final int START_DOCUMENT 256
public static final int START_ELEMENT 2
public static final int START_PREFIX_MAPPING 1024
public static final int XML_EVENT 1

public static final int BOOLEAN 2
public static final int NAMESPACE_NODE_TYPE -4343
public static final int NODESET 1
public static final int NUMBER 3
public static final int OTHER 0
public static final int STRING 4


public static final String ENCODED_SEPERATOR "-wlsep-"
public static final String SEPERATOR "-wlsep-"

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