JmsContext.h File Reference

Describes a JmsConsumer handle. More...

#include <JmsCommon.h>

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typedef JmsContext JmsContext


int JMSENTRY JmsContextCreate (JmsString *uri, JmsString *jndiFactory, JmsString *username, JmsString *password, JmsContext **context, JMS64I flags)
int JMSENTRY JmsContextDestroy (JmsContext *context, JMS64I flags)

Detailed Description

Describes a JmsConsumer handle.

This file describes the functions that can be performed on a JmsConsumer handle A JmsContext handle is used to get access to the JMS provider

Copyright (c) 2002, BEA Systems, Inc.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct JmsContext JmsContext

A context handle that is used to get access to the JMS provider

Function Documentation

int JMSENTRY JmsContextCreate JmsString   uri,
JmsString   jndiFactory,
JmsString   username,
JmsString   password,
JmsContext **    context,
JMS64I    flags

Gets a context handle with the given properties

uri  The URI of the JMS provider instance. If NULL, this defaults to "t3://localhost:7001"
jndiFactory  The name of the jndi factory to use in order to get the initial context. If NULL, defaults to "weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory"
username  The name to use when logging in to the JMS provider
password  The password to use as authentication material
context  May not be NULL. On success *context will point to a valid context handle
flags  Reserved for future use. Must be zero

int JMSENTRY JmsContextDestroy JmsContext   context,
JMS64I    flags

Destroys a context handle

context  Must be a valid context handle. May not be NULL
flags  Reserved for future use. Must be zero

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