JmsProducerOptions Struct Reference

#include <JmsProducer.h>

Data Fields

JMS32I flags
int deliveryMode
int priority
JMS64I timeToLive

Detailed Description

This structure is used to indicate production options

Field Documentation

int JmsProducerOptions::deliveryMode

The delivery mode to use with this message if JMS_PO_DELIVERY_MODE is set in flags

JmsDestination* JmsProducerOptions::destination

The destination to send this message to if JMS_PO_DESTINATION is set in flags

JMS32I JmsProducerOptions::flags

flags tells which options have been set. Valid flags are defined using the JMS_PO_... defines

int JmsProducerOptions::priority

The priority that should be used with this message if JMS_PO_PRIORITY is set in flags

JMS64I JmsProducerOptions::timeToLive

The time to live for this message if JMS_PO_TIMETOLIVE has been set in flags

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